Guy Asks If He’s Wrong For Telling A Breastfeeding Woman To Move Somewhere Else

Understandably, some people feel awkward around breastfeeding mothers. Our society has conditioned most people to be uncomfortable around breasts. This could be due to their upbringing or hinged on culture and possibly considered taboo, associated with religious beliefs. However, babies need to eat!

Asking a mother to breastfeed her baby in a way that makes comfortable is quite unfair. And to be candid, instead of asking a mom to cover up with a blanket or sit somewhere else, how about you leave the spot as a matured mind. This is precisely the story of a @Chance_object_7968, who felt uneasy when a woman started breastfeeding her baby not too far from him.

A man asked if he is an a**hole for asking a breastfeeding mom to sit at another table because he felt uncomfortable at a public cafe.

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Taking to Reddit, the man introduced himself as a 27-Year-Old who has a job that permits him long breaks during which he enjoys going to a café and sit there. This café is often bustling, yet he wasn’t bothered as he continues to visit the place. During one of his visits, the man explained a baby started crying, and instantly the mom understood it as a sign that her child is hungry.

In particular, the woman's baby started crying, and the mom understands it as a sign that her child is hungry. (not the actual image).

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So she does what she has to do and intended to breastfeed. At this point, the man became uncomfortable, and with not knowing where to place his eyeballs, he eventually asked if the woman could sit at another table. The man described that the mom appeared sorry but didn’t move. So he decided that he also wouldn’t go to the less comfortable seat but hurried up his coffee and left. 

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Sooner, the man claim he understood that he might have been rude and insensitive. He also attested to feeling the judgmental look from other café guests but insisted he had no intention to force the woman out in the first place. Nonetheless, many comments did come for the man, saying he shouldn’t have said anything. A few users repeated it’s a natural thing and that people should start accepting it.

The man described that the mom looked sorry, but she didn’t move. In the end, he realized that he might have been rude and insensitive.

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“This woman probably got two hours of sleep last night, has an awful crushing mix of hormones in her body, she tried to escape and do ONE adult thing for herself, only to have to feed her crying baby, and then you give her a hard time?” One person wrote. Another added: “Nothing. Say nothing. I mean, do you usually say things to women giving their babies a bottle?” People literally showed no mercy, and the verdict was that the man was wrong to ask her to move. 

People showed no mercy in the comments, and the verdict was that the man was wrong to asked the breastfeeding woman to move.