27 Hilarious Times People Knew What They Were Doing And Went For It

You possibly might know someone whose primary hobby is the collection of random facts. And, of course, you must have wondered where such people get their information from. Well, there seem to be mind-blowing Subreddits, and that can be their sources. From a Reddit group that collates fun facts, including unsolved mysteries, we’ve recently explored the r/They Know Subreddit.

The mentioned above online group is home to 407K people and has been collecting and sharing pictures of the times people without a doubt understand what messages their actions were sending yet went along with it. The community undeniably has many facts that will light up your laughing hormones, plus many of them are simple fun, like designing a Game Thrones calendar and putting Peter Dinklage’s character Tyrion Lannister as the face of February.

Author Having A Laugh.

Jorvalt -Via

But Have Their Subs Unionized?

Magic_Al42 -Via

Please Don’t Take My Crown Jewels!

Firescwirt -Via

Valentine's Day Special.

piepielafarge -Via

This Couldn't Have Been A Coincidence.

beefy_bruva -Via

A “Super” Fountain.

Yodas_Lil_Helper -Via

He’s Watching.

rosseepoo -Via

Mcdonalds In Yass, Australia, Definitely Knew.

[deleted] -Via

IKEA Knows!

Degsyg1969 -Via

Government Ad In Brussels Airport.

RecyclingExtraSoft -Via

This Tissue Box.

[deleted] -Via

Kevin's Parents.

dr_pickles69 -Via

They Really Did.

benkirby1992 -Via

That’s Some Party.

cakemydayz -Via

How Did This Even Get So Far?

Tommy96Gun -Via


thisIsAswin -Via

He Really Came Through.

ludwiga7 -Via

They Might As Well Have Put A Winky Face Emoji.

The_Golden_Yeti -Via

How Could You Not Know?

[deleted] -Via

Amazing Placing!

NotRobot_ -Via

Mask Up!

gunnesaurus -Via

They Definitely Knew!

ap39 -Via

Well, It’s A Bone-R.

Just-a-bloke-001 -Via

Man’s Cock Wins First.

razydreams -Via

Grandma Knew.

original_af_ -Via

Dad Knew. For Sure.

Aris-Totally -Via

An Employee With A Sense Of Humor.

yahyeet00 -Via