15 Celebrities Who Had To Put Up With Crappy Photoshops Of Their Pics By Publications

It's always entertaining to be able to spot editing 'oopsies' despite their professional team. Both celebrities and the media are the foundation of unrealistic beauty standards. You need to have perfect curves, and everything should look on-spot.

There's nothing wrong with this until fans casually noticed something looks off with these people. Other times, it's the celebrities who outed themselves after they explicitly made it clear they don't like to be edited. Such as Zendaya, who loves to keep things real.

Scroll on and enjoy the tea!

#1 Madonna

barbiecraze -Via

#2 Ronda Rousey

rondarousey -Via

#3 Fergie

Glamour -Via

#4 Scarlett Johansson

andersen2708 -Via

#5 Megan Fox

creadictos -Via

#6 Zac Efron

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#7 Lindsay Lohan

noisygeek -Via

#8 Shailene Woodley

Vanity Fair -Via

#9 Keira Knightley

AntithesisRex -Via

#10 Zendaya

zendaya -Via

#11 Kristen Stewart

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#12 Faith Hill

ShadesOfBlue3836 -Via

#13 Miley Cyrus

psdisasters -Via

#14 Kim Kardashian West

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#15 Penelope Cruz

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