18 People Share Shocking Pictures And Videos Of The Flooding In NY City Currently

The reign of inclement weather conditions lingers on! Hurricane Ida found its way into the New York City region with angered, wind-driven rain that has splintered homes and subway services. As a result, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency in New York City for the first time. Reportedly, two deaths were confirmed, one in Passaic and one in Queens. Road, train, and air travel are halted as Ida’s heavy rains have turned streets and impervious surfaces into rivers. 

This hazardous weather comes less than two weeks after Henri engineered a hurricane watch for New England while fueling concerns that extreme weather patterns are becoming the norm. However, in areas where historic rainfalls have now passed, officials are closing, watching river levels that are rising amid fear of creating new dangers and disruptions. On the other hand, we’ve collated a few tweets for your perusal; guaranteed to show you just how severe the flood is at the moment. 

Flooding In 28th St. Station NYC!!!

Subway Flooded With Heavy Downpour.

Bus Fully Flooded And Multiple Cars Struck In Water.

A Wild Scene.

A Home In NYC!

Flash Flood Emergency.

Everywhere, Including Staircases Flooded.

Heavy Waterfall Down The Stairs.

Through It All, Delivery Staff Still In Action.

Trashes On Street.

Baggage Area Flooded.

Homes Does Have To Face A Huge Share.