Woman Hilariously Suffered An Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction On The London Eye

There can never be too many fashion lessons if you want to avoid wardrobe fails. There's nothing like coming home with 0 cute pictures because you didn't pick the right outfits for the day. And luckily alyxmeade could still share some pictures of her outfits when she visited the London Eye with some friends a few days ago.

Just probably not the one where she's on it.

She started the day excited in her cute white-green outfit and was heading for the landmark.

But unbeknownst to her, green was probably not the best color to go when you're up there.

She had a white tank top with her blonde hair down. She matched her short cycling pants with a matching green handbag and let her hair down. Her friend was visibly wearing black and pink.

They'd decided to take a picture together in front of a green screen to create a backdrop of the London Eye to be shared on social media, of course.

Lo and behold, her green pants were also caught, and this was the result! She jokingly wrote, "Green screen doing me dirty."

Her video has gone viral with more than 2.7 million views now, leaving people cackling at the result. Some even felt inspired to wear green just for the jokes, while others thanked her for reminding them not to wear it on their next visit.

People were even sharing their own funny moments with the green screen. One shared, “Try it with half a head of green hair, safe to say I didn’t get the pictures in the end.”

Another funnily recalled, “This happened to me at the London Eye; I was a floating head!”

Just check out how she went from a confident woman in green to a half floating figure in the picture!


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