Artist's 20 Single-Picture Horror Stories That Will Give You Chills

The most appropriate time to watch or perhaps read something horrific is during daylight. This is because you will really need to get out the scary essence that was ingested while watching a horror-themed content of over 3-hour. However, it turned out you can now enjoy horror short stories without having to spend several hours glued to your screen. A big thanks to Irish Illustrator Brian Coldrick, his ongoing webcomic Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories does touch on well-worn horror tropes. 

Each of the unique drawings is captivating at first glance but has haunting visuals, including a monster hiding in arms reach and darkly humorous one-sentence captions. The London-based artist particularly gets his inspirations from horror films, creepy internet stories, and books. Sometimes, his short stories can be hinged on something darker such as anxieties, doubts, or loneliness that naturally emerge once no one else is around. So if you love creepy scrolling content for breakfast, Brian’s artwork is your best match. Have a look, enjoy!

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