‘How Damaging It Is To Young Minds’: Woman Exposes Fashion Influencer's Heavy Edits In A Viral Video

While body positivity movement has been gaining more attention than ever, there are still others engrossed and obsessed in supermodel bodies. They put them on a pedestal, aiming to achieve it and wouldn't accept anything less as beautiful. Yet, many of us know that those beauty standards are not realistic and we look just fine the way we are.

"If you don't think it's possible to edit a video, just watch this," said Sophie, the owner of the TikTok account residualdata.

The 23-year-old dedicates her TikTok to exposing warps, blurring, and just basically well-hidden edits from famous influencers and celebrities.

She continued, "So, this video is viral on Chinese TikTok, and somebody posted it on here. It got, like, 7 million views and 1 million likes. In the comments, a lot of people knew this was edited, but a lot of people didn't."

The influencer had a video of herself taken while crossing the streets with a little of slow-mo effect.

"Engagement and celebrity involvement can influence people’s body image attitudes," wrote a journal on the impact of celebrities and social influencers on adolescents' dissatisfaction with their own body image.

They explicitly stated that "one’s favorite celebrities influence women’s body image by serving as unrealistic targets of social comparison." But that's not all.

"Participants who reported higher perceived body image discrepancy between themselves and their favorite celebrities also rated higher on disordered eating attitudes and behaviors."

"So, I thought I'd just point out the edits, so it's easier for you to identify," she continued.

 While putting the video on slow playback, Sophie points to around her waist, "You really have to look at the background and notice how the green pole warps around her body."

Many people could easily tell that fashion videos of people with unrealistic bodies are often edited. But there are still a lot who believe they are all real. In fact, Sophie has even exposed a picture from Jennifer Lopez's ex's Instagram where she's also edited!

This video has gone viral with 2.3 million views, but it's not the only and it certainly serves as a wake-up call for many people.


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