Biology Teacher Gets Interactive To Teach Her Students Human Anatomy With Costumes

Biology classes used to be boring with only words and Latin names to memorize. Even for people who love animals and nature, Biology is still a challenging class to pass, and any help you can get is needed. Teachers like Debby Heerkens, however, turn these classes into fun times  In fact, her students are now excited for her classes and can't wait to see what she'll do next time.

She wore spandex with human anatomy drawn on them to her Biology classes!

Omroep West -Via

Her story is reported in, where the teacher shares that she got her idea from seeing someone wearing similar leggings to her suit. She started browsing for the suits, then proposed her ideas to the principal.

After she got the green light, she wore them to school! She has multiple suits for different subjects: organs, skeletons, and muscles.

The students have been enjoying her class so much more and even asked if she'll do more of them!

Omroep West -Via

"You always want to look for ways to stimulate the students and teach in a way that help them remember the lessons."

Omroep West -Via

Watch the teacher in action in class!