Artist’s 5 Twisted Stories With Dark Endings That Will Give You Chills

Mike Greaney, a cartoonist, and writer is the brain behind the webcomic ‘Cosmic Dirtbag.’ It was launched during the 2020 pandemic to fill the days and create some good vibes. He has made animated content for numerous clients, including The Malthouse Theatre Company, and even written and voice acted for Nickelodeon. Mike’s animated series ‘Wormholes had been selected for presentation at the 2017 Asian Animation Summit. 

Can you imagine just how creative Mike is? However, the Australian animator mainly uses humor and sadness to explore human connection and disappointment themes. For this, Mike has garnered over 19K followers and has since shared over 90 posts on Instagram. His latest in a series of 5 stories, featuring the tale of The Ferryman, will undeniably make you cringe or give you some chills. We advise you to brace up for this as you will surely get curious while scrolling and then glued to your screen.

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#1 Explorers search for a mythical well

#2 Mike seeks a new perspective

#3 A person explains their stockpile

#4 A wounded soldier sends a final missive

#5 Mike experiments with gene splicing