‘Hot’ Single Mom Reveals She’s Constantly Mistaken For Her 18-Year-Old Daughter’s Sister

The 35-year-old critical care nurse loves making TikTok skits and videos with another girl. Since they look physically different, a lot of people thought Cynthia Slam was about to come out with her viral TikTok video. She wrote, "Everyone thinking we are just best friends, but..."

A lot of people did not see that coming: they are more than just best friends!

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She is her mom!

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Cynthia Slam works as a critical care nurse in Nashville, Tennessee. A lot of people were dumbfounded when she disclosed their relationship status. Some thought their closeness meant they were sisters. Some thought they were dating.

The single mom is all for letting her daughter to look the way she wants to be!

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She wrote in another video, "Teaching my 16-year-old daughter she can wear whatever clothing she wants, and I fully support her self-expression."

And just like any doting parent, she loves taking pictures of her daughter, often sharing how she'd annoy her to pose for the camera.

Yes, Cynthia was a teen mom and worked to raise her daughter all by herself.

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When asked about the bio-dad, Cynthia simply stated that "the authorities are still looking for him." But that doesn't stop her from being happy and successful in both parenting and life!

"When they told you not to have a baby at 18, but now you're 35 and have a best friend for life!" she proudly stated in another video.

They totally look so happy and close, we're just jealous!