14 People Whose Unique Body Features Prove Just How Diverse Genetics Can Be

The human body is incredible, but some bodies are more wholesome than others. Even though we all have the same number of similar features, some exceptional body features are now being shared on the internet, proving just how diverse genetics can be. These unusual features of the human body are rarely noticed, and you may have some of them too. 

The universe seems to accept people with unique characteristics, and they are now garnering a lot of attention, just like the model Winnie Harlow. Whether it’s a deformity or agentic condition, these people compiled here feel liberated and comfortable showing off their true selves. Have a look, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to be yourself, no matter your shape, body features, or size. Enjoy!

This Is Called A Triphalangeal Thumb, A Malformation Where Your Thumbs Have An Extra Phalanx.

NoThanks93330 -Via

My Pinkie Was The Only Finger To Get Numb When Working Outside In The Winter.

Chimlerr -Via

I was At A Water Park And Seen The "Hang Six" On The Wall. It So Happens I Have 6 Toes On My Left Foot.

DomnLee -Via

My Son’s Amazing Birthmark!

Gurjen -Via

The Melanin Goddess,” Khoudia Diop Is A Model With A Very Dark Skin Tone.

My Belly Button Attracts A Lot Of Comments.

Swirlxx -Via

The Preauricular Sinus Is A Small Hole Located On The Exterior Of The Ear.

wikipedia -Via

I've Never Been Able To Play Volleyball Without Getting Injured Because My Fingers Are Too Bendy.

TroLLageK -Via

I Was Born With 3ish Toes On My Right Foot.

darbel -Via

My Friend, At 30, Just Realized His Right Pinkie Only Has Two Phalanxes.

FlyingJoeBiden -Via

Long Hair Is Best During The Winter.

hairfreaky long hair -Via

This Type Of Birthmark Is Called The Port Wine Stain.

Mneneon -Via

Saw People Posting Pictures Of The Having 4 Fingers, So I’m Posting This. I Have A Double Ear Lobe.

GreenRedArtichoke -Via

There's An Old Woman's Face In My Belly Button.

taykaybo -Via