Women Share Pics Of Drastic Body Transformations Before And After Dating

Staying youthful isn’t an option. And sooner or later, everyone, including YOU, will experience drastic transformation in their appearance. Still doubting? Well, ask these women who have blamed having babies, birth control, and comfort eating for their transformations even though they had previously looked like supermodels. Instead of slim-figure physique and gorgeous makeup looks, it’s now messy hair and baggy shirts for these ladies who have gained some pounds. As it appears, they sure look entirely different, and their partners are certainly not to be blamed for the weight gain.

Jill went from the pre-baby body into showcasing exactly what her body has gone through.

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In the newest TikTok trend, Moms, Wives, and GFs have claimed that a loving relationship is a pivotal contributor to weight gain. Others include pregnancy and contraception. In a series of clips shared to the platform, women compared their six-figure size frames to slightly more extensive versions of themselves. It’s pretty relatable. One TikTok named Jill (in the above photo) now has two incredible kids. In a series of mirror selfies, Jill showed off her pre-baby body before showing a clip of what her body has gone through. 


But I gave him two awesome kids in the process

Leah went from her skin-tight emerald green mini dress to a baggy t-shirt and bike shorts.

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Another Leah revealed she was a tiny size six when she met wither man. But two years after, she jumped from 12 to 14, blaming the Depo-Provera contraception injection and ingesting junks. Leah swapped into a baggy t-shirt and bike shorts from a green-tight emerald green mini dress as she flaunted her body transformation. 


Lexy isn't fussed. She is proud of her new body after becoming a mom.

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A big thanks to pregnancy, Mom Lexy has a brand new body, and as it appears, she’s very proud of it. She also shared snaps at the start of her relationship with her partner where she wore a slim figure and skin-tight cloth. She then flashed to a clip of herself bearing a baby on her hip with unkempt locks and a slightly bigger frame. 


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"That pregnancy and healthy relationship weight gain is NO joke," Andrianna captioned her clip.

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Women weren’t all afraid to bare it all! Andriana keyed in, and her clip has garnered over 5million views. “That pregnancy and healthy relationship weight gain is NO joke.” She had captioned the video. However, the sound used to orchestrate the trend is titled Loghan. It has now been used in over 70K videos, with many showing off their body transformations.  


That pregnancy and healthy relationship weight gain is NO joke

GFs, moms and wives weren't afraid to bare all as they got real about their bodies.

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♬ original sound - Loghan

Having babies, contraception, and comfort eating are key contributors to massive weight gain.

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ope hopping on this trend.. friendly reminder charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, don't settle for less than true love

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3 years later

Staying young and fit forever isn't an option! @audreanina photo is proof.

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