20 Girls' Stunning Prom Dresses That Will Make Them Stand Out In Any Crowd

Prom is among the potentially absurd and possibly the most dramatic event in a person’s life; hence it makes sense that some movies, includes TV shows, tend to weave it into a plot or even an episode. Over time, Hollywood has undeniably led many people to believe that prom is all about romantic gestures and a finale of the teenage experience. However, this isn’t what prom is all about; it’s also about the dresses. 

Remarkably, many girls put in quite a lot of effort and time into preparing for their proms. A gorgeous evening gown guaranteed to turn heads remains one of the major recipes of the party. The girls featured in this article have creatively designed unusual choices of dresses. We’re thrilled upon stumbling upon and couldn’t resist sharing them with you. So we’ve collated a few that are downright worthy of being remembered for a lifetime. Enjoy!

“I made my own prom dress!”

disodilund -Via

“Wanted to share my prom dress I sewed for myself last year!”

pineyblues -Via

“What Do You Think of This Lilac Lace Prom Dress?”

jvnbyjovani -Via

“My daughter thrifted her prom dress for eleven bucks.”

dayglo1 -Via

“My Sexy prom dress!”

imgur -Via

“Do y’all like my prom dress?”

thespikeypotato -Via

“My mom and I wearing the same dress to our proms 25 years apart. 1988 vs 2013.”

Cakeisbetterthan**x -Via

“Made my dress for college prom! Altered a 1957 pattern.”

theresaemiles -Via

“Made the Yule Ball dress for Prom!”

Warner Bros. Pictures, Kittencakepop -Via

“Needed a dress for grad pics, so I made one!”

LG1924 -Via

“Finally finished sewing my prom dress! I’m so happy I managed to pull this off.”

H-K-7 -Via

“Beginner but I made my prom dress!”

antinootus -Via

“This prom dress my friend made out of Duct Tape.”

In_Utero_ -Via

“I made my daughter’s grad/prom dress.”

Goobles75 -Via

“Found the most beautiful 1950s prom dress for only $18! Fits like a glove.”

kittyxandra -Via

“Duct Tape TARDIS Prom Dress.”

Samisnotbritish -Via

“My mom made this Lindor chocolate wrapper dress for my senior prom!”

amoleby -Via

“Thrifted this dress for $5, I’m really happy with how it fits me and my height! I also thrifted the heels for $4.50, and I’m thinking of wearing this to prom.”

readilyreadit -Via

“I found my prom dress (originally $400 by the brand Scala) for 20$ at Salvation Army!”

haileyannee -Via

“Made my prom dress again! This time from a vintage reprint.”

UkuleleSandwich -Via