Savage Bride Uses Green Foam With Wall Plaster For Her Wedding Cake To Save Cash

With a bit of imagination and a few products, anyone, including you, can bake a low-budget Faux Wedding Cake, but of course, it mustn't be like the one featured in this article. Saving pennies has gone hilariously wrong as one bride has been heavily savaged for baking a fake wedding made entirely out of foam and wall plaster.  “Anyone else tries a fake cake with foam and wall spackle? I have seen it on YouTube, and they make it look so easy!! We aren’t having a cake, so trying to figure out something for looks.” The anonymous bride, who shared photos of the process on social media, had explained. Unsurprisingly, the bride’s post ended up on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming Forum.

An anonymous bride turned to YouTube for help in making her fake wedding cake.

slick_steph -Via

It was shared by user @slick_steph and captioned, “Or just don’t have a cake at all???.” Members of the Reddit community dubbed it tacky and cheap. A few claimed it’s the most wasteful thing they’ve ever seen. Someone wrote: “An artificial cake makes perfect sense for a window display or a photoshoot. For a wedding? Not so much.”  Another added: “I’d be disappointed if I were a guest seeing the fake cake and looking forward to some of it and then not getting any!” 

The bride made the base out of foam and covered it with plaster, but unsurprisingly, it has been criticized.

slick_steph -Via

A few people said it was something they would certainly try out themselves. “She stole my idea—Gorg fake cake. Take pictures. Take it to the kitchen to cut it. Toss it in a dumpster and slice up a Costco cake.” A third stated. Nonetheless, others came to the bride’s defense, claiming there’s nothing absolutely wrong with having a fake cake and serving sheet cakes. It might be a bad look, but people claimed the bride was only trying to save money. What’s your view on this subject matter? 

Here's How People Reacted To The Cake Made Of Foam And Wall Plaster: