‘Attention-Seeking’ Woman Slammed For Wearing White Gown To Friend’s Wedding

Many things can ruin a wedding, but of all, being upstaged can be disastrous. Recently, a woman attended her friend’s wedding weeks after her own held thinking it would be appropriate to show up in a silk ivory floor-length dress, which looks like a wedding dress. As expected, the bride-to-be raged in anger but couldn’t have chased her friend out of the celebration.

Instead, the situation landed on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming Forum where users have so far branded the guest attention-seeking while being unimpressed. In particular, @NonstopKahootMusic, one of the bride’s Facebook friends believed to be from the US, shared a photo of the infuriating outfit as proof and wrote: “A girl I went to college with attended a wedding in this. She got married recently, so you’d think she’d understand the dos and dont’s!” 

An anonymous guest has been branded 'attention seeking' after arriving at her friend's wedding in a floor-length white gown.

NonstopKahootMusic -Via

With many people aware of the unwritten rule that only a bride should turn up to her wedding in white, it wasn’t long before angered comments emerged. “I would have turned her away at the door.” A user wrote. Another added: “It’s all for the attention. They can’t stand that people aren’t paying attention to them.” One person joked: “It came with like a white, tulle headdress, but she thought it overwhelmed the gown, so she decided not to wear it.” 

Internet users reacted with a few saying they wouldn’t have mind pouring a glass of red wine down the gown.

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The post amassed hundreds of comments, with a few saying they wouldn’t have mind pouring a glass of red wine down the gown. Some people had suggestions about why the guest wore white, claiming she wore it because she got married recently and wants people to know. Still, some defended the guest in the comments and said they didn’t see a problem with her outfit of choice. 

Here's A Few Photos Of How People Reacted: