Influencer Posed In Business Class Then Returned To 'Her Seat In Economy'

Influencer Oceane El Himer had stirred up quite the storm when recently her social media post was being attacked by people. Oceane posted a picture of herself in the business class area inside a plane and captioned it on Instagram with "Next Stop - Monaco." An influencer who always shows an expensive and glamorous lifestyle that most people could only dream of, the 'Les Princes et Les Princesses de l'Amour (The Prince and Princess of Love)' star was caught in act lying to her fans!

The Instagram post received more than 103k likes, but unfortunately, her cover was blown.

It appeared that after taking the selfie, Oceane continued making her way to the backside of the plane - the economy class. The picture was believable as Oceane was looking casual in her Boohoo tracksuit as she carried with her a Dior bag.

Oops! Caught in act lying about the business flight and was actually sitting in the economy class.


To be fair, most of us (or our parents) have taken pictures with sports cars we don't own and fancy vintage cottages or houses we don't live in. Oceane, arguably, didn't explicitly say that she booked for a business class.

Ever since the picture leaked her secret and went viral, she's shut the comment section under the Instagram post.

Oceane and her twin sister Marine stared together in the movie.

Ever since then, she's gained popularity and has been appearing in more shows, such as 'Les Marseillais' and 'Les Apprentis Aventuriers,' an adventure show.

That doesn't stop her from posting another in-flight picture as a reply!

This time, she and her twin sister sit side-by-side in the business class section, visibly flipping their middle finger in their cheeky selfies. A glass of champagne perfected their attitude towards the recent negative comments.

We don't know and may never know if they indeed bought the tickets for business class seats.

Before Oceane, Rapper Bow Wow was caught in 2017 bragging about traveling in his 'private jet' while promoting his tour 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.' It sucks to be him because someone recognized the man and revealed that he got the picture from somewhere else while sitting in the economy with everyone else.