Mom And Daughter Duo Recreate Celebrity Outfits, And They Look Amazing

Artist and mom Alya Chagler found motivation from a red carpet look of Rihanna. The singer in 2017 had donned a tulle dress designed by Molly Goddard. It was completed with sunglasses and white tennis shoes. Alya, the Turkey-based, eventually created a similar look for her daughter, Stefani using plastic garbage bags, and indeed it launched a fun trend on Instagram. So far, Alya has mimic outfits worn by Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Julia Roberts, and much more. 

Her Instagram account named @seasunstefunny, in particular, has since grown over 350K followers and her followers sure look forward to the re-created red carpet looks Stefani will model with confidence. From using newspaper to plastic garbage bags, Stefani often models colorful outfits while wearing her mom’s shoes to pull off the celebrity outfits. More interestingly, Alya goes as far as transforming her daughter’s hair and makeup to fit the photos. Here we’ve compiled 20 fascinating ones for your perusal. Have a look! 

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Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?

Confidence. If You Have It, You Can Make Anything Look Good.

The Bad Guy Mood.

Red Can Be Your Favorite Too.

Feeling Pretty, Right?

You Can Also Wear Cake In A Delicious Display.

The Quarantine Recreations.

In Need New Clothes? This Is An Inspiration!

The Replicated Met Gala Attire.

“Just Living Isn’t Enough,” Said The Butterfly. One Must Have Sunshine, Freedom, And A Little Flower.

Sometimes All You Need A Little Splash Of Color.

Playing Dress-Up Begins At Age 5 And Never Truly Ends.

“If Only We Could Change Ourselves As Easily As We Do Our Outfits, Who Wouldn’t Choose Love?”

When Someone Says You Can’t Do Something, Do It More.

“She Can Beat Me, But She Cannot Beat My Outfit.”

Sabrinasato Vs. Stefani. Who Rocks It Better?

“Do What You Do And Make Your Way.”

“You Have That Power To Make Your Life Whatever You Want It To Be.”

Looking Like A Celebrity All At Once.

Say Yes To The Dress! Yes.