16 Celebrity Lookalikes That Some Of Them You Can't Tell Apart

The lookalikes! Everyone is born with unique appearances, but once in a while, one can be born with features so strikingly similar to those we saw on TV. There's no drama, no stories of being separated from family - they happen to look so similar!

Thanks to their appearance that left such a strong impression on people, they often turn it into a professional job. These people often get invited as performers and guest in talk shows to share their experience, sharing a similar feature to some celebrities. Let's say their life often ends up a whole lot smoother than not!

#1 Snoop Dogg and his impersonator, Lawrence Johnson.

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#2 Angelina Jolie and her impersonator, Mara Teigen.


The myth creature Doppelgänger is a spirit double that every animal and human has. Legend says that meeting one signs your impending, imminent death. The term was coined by German writer Johann Paul Richter in 1796, which literally means 'double goer' in German.

#3 Sylvester Stallone and his lookalike.


#4 Dolly Parton's impersonator.


#5 Mariah Carey's lookalike.


#6 Pamela Anderson and her lookalike, Ana Lopez.

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#7 Jennifer Lopez's looklike, JayFromHouston on Instagram.


#8 'Absolutely Fabulous' stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley's lookalikes!

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Scientifically, however, finding another you who is not your twin by blood might be harder than thought. Zaria Gorvett on BBC Future wrote that after diving into photographs of US military personnel to calculate the chances of mistaken an innocent as a perpetrator.

More than 7 billion people, and there's only a 1/135 chance to find one pair of doppelgangers.

#9 Lady Gaga and her spitting image?


#10 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne couple-lookalike.


#11 George Michael's spitting image.


#12 Britney Spears and... another her?!


#13 Taylor Swift's lookalike.


#14 Iza IJzerman, the model who looks like Gigi Hadid.


The definition of 'doppelganger' is also changing with the advent of facial recognition technology. What we consider to be lookalike might not be so for technology and vice-versa. “When you get them together, and you see them side by side, sometimes you feel that they are not the same at all.”

Plus, you might even not be similar in terms of height, even if you might have similar faces. So much for being doppelgangers!

#15 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's lookalikes.


#16 Boy George next to his lookalike.