27 Hilarious Times People Take Instagram Edits To The Next Level

A glance through an Instagram feed will naturally feature perfect photos. But then, it’s no longer news that things aren’t always as they appear. The ideal pose, lightning, and even a filter can remarkably alter anyone’s appearance. These photos have created unrealistic beauty standards and can make anyone feel bad about their bodies. In a big to keep the fight for body positivity and bring awareness to social media's deceitful nature, the subreddit Instagramreality shares side-by-side photos of an edited image against the real version. 

The actual versions depict imperfections, including stretch marks, rough faces, belly rolls, and even cellulite. It’s best always to live life at your pace as perfect everyday life isn’t in existence. Many people are presently suffering from severe body image issues, and we wouldn’t want this to continue to happen. That’s the main reason why we collated some shocking photos from the community, and they’re guaranteed to leave in you awe. Be guarded as you take a glance through!

“I Was Shopping Online When I Saw This Dress... And Those Shoulders...” Hmmm...

saithesti -Via


lemongrabmybutt -Via

“I Can’t Look Away...The Eyes, The Teeth...So Bright. The Mouth...So Large.”

TheMiddleE -Via

“When Your Head Is Smaller Than One Of Your Two Bo*bs.”

plsjuno -Via

“The Head To Body Proportion Is Just Astonishing.”

marcapatit0 -Via

The No Face Texture.

OpnerOner -Via

“Same Day, Same Makeup. Pic She Posted On Instagram Vs. Screenshots From The Snapchat Video.”

janefromspace -Via

This Influencer’s Photo Vs. Video

Fluid_Fox23 -Via

“Just A Reminder That The Best Of Best Influencers Can’t And Don’t Live Up To The Expectations They Set For The Rest Of Us.”

beybeybeybeybe -Via

“I don’t know this person, but she keeps taking pictures outside my house.”

DizzyMeme -Via

Who Let This Get By?

Tinydancer87 -Via

“Internal Organs? Never Heard Of 'Em”

Negative_Splace -Via

This Tree Texture Though!

richardlotion -Via

The Angles.

cowskin-- -Via

The Reality Breaking Hips.

AlohaWarrior35 -Via

She Doesn’t Have Nose.

ace18_2 -Via

Ummmm, Why?

SnooEagles343 -Via

Filters Do Wonders.

ChkyPancake -Via

“Video Editing Is Spreading Like Wildfire Among Instagram “Personalities” (Left It Video, Right Is Photograph).”

exteriordesigner -Via

“From Transformed On Snapchat. Her Photo Vs. The Video They Took Of Her”

Barfignugen/ -Via

“(Fixee Her Head And Thighs On The Same Size) Her Tiktok's Vs. Her Ig Posts. And Denies The Obvious Adamantly.”

Ill-Cancel-6322 -Via

“This Is Uh. Quite The Difference.”

MsLunaValentine -Via

“Forgot To Photoshop The Other Bo*b.”

thisismyusername5891 -Via

“Jawline In Videos Vs. Pics.”

morwenya -Via

“Looks Like A Completely Different Person.”

tedcruziszodiac -Via

“That Is One Giant A** Hand.”

Leathermoss -Via

So the bu*t is fake?