People Are Roasting Apple Maps, And Here’re 25 Of The Hilarious Ones

You can quickly tell something has gone wrong when a major feature of a smartphone becomes the talk on the internet. If you aren’t aware, Apple is presently roasted over its Maps app. Many users have claimed some serious deficiencies, including inaccurate location placement, misnamed/missing places, and lack of essential points of interest in major cities. This thread kicked off after a Twitter user @ArfanKHXN shared an image of a sinking car with a caption that reads: “Google maps deada** have you like this.” 

People couldn’t hold back their frustration and had to participate in the hilarious roast. Some people pointed out that Apple, Waze, and Google Maps are misleading and takes people through the worst route with the most confusing directions. A few people questioned if Apple Maps creators are using the same app to go about their daily activities and perhaps if they have firsthand experience of how bad it can get. However, we’ve collated the best roasts about the struggles of using Apple Maps, and they certainly will leave you laughing out loud. Have a look!


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