Bride Slammed For Requesting The Internet To Date Her Single Mate

People would sometimes make derogatory fun of themselves for going to parties alone without a date. But if we were to talk about it seriously, is being single that bad? Is it not normal for healthy adults to be single at a single point in their life? To be in a relationship and be committed is a choice, not a must, right?

Under the subject of asking for help, a bride looked for a single girl around New Jersey area for one of her single guests. It was shared in the Facebook group '2022 Brides,' and the engaged woman praised the man before including his personal details as well as pictures in the post.

"Our friend needs a date for our wedding."

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A screenshot of the Facebook post was shared on the 'Wedding Shaming' subreddit. "Posting your friend’s personal info to find him a date" was the first reason the post was shamed by the internet.

People continued to crowd the post, calling this 'confusing' because why would you want someone to bring a total stranger to your wedding?

The majority of others call this post to be 'embarrassing for the man whose information was disclosed.

Another commented, "If he didn’t okay it, that is of course completely f**ked up and humiliating."


A Reddit user, however, pointed out, "If the guy is behind this and signed off on it, I think it’s actually kind of sweet. It’s not too different from online dating; kind of an online dating and blind date mashup."

Another user who agreed replied, "I'm actually in a couple of different FB groups where it's common to post all these great things about your friends and why they're a good catch! I feel like this is essentially the same thing."

Wedding plus-one etiquette can be pretty tricky and confusing for people. There are events where invitations strictly list out the people allowed. Others are pretty lenient, allowing guests to bring one or even more people to the event.

The norm was always allowing guests to bring a plus-one to your wedding, Brides wrote. That's because people tend to feel more comfortable if they could bring at least one other person they're familiar with to make things less awkward.