Bodybuilder Dad Trolled For Bragging Online About His 8-Month-Old 'Lean' Baby

The Internet is free real estate where people can challenge your opinion at any point in time. One such parent faced a lot of criticism when he decided to share a family picture and brags about how they feed their kid.

The thing with raising your own kid is that each of us has our own methods and priorities. For some people, it's health and staying fit. This father is fitness-crazed and had been feeding his son with 'whole eggs, fruit, and vegetables at the age of 8-month-old. Then, he pointed out how he is 'lean' and 'unusually handsome.'

People are slightly confused at how you can call the 8-month-old baby 'lean.'

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People were quickly pointing out how it's just a baby and they don't exactly need to be 'lean' to be called healthy.

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There is no need to worry about the percentile of your baby's weight during their first years. Whether your baby is 25th percentile or 75th, it is more important to track how their weight changes over time instead of where they are at. For example, if they gradually lose weight over a period of time, it's possible that the baby is not getting the nutrition they need.

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It's more important to pay attention to their brain development than, uh, if they're lean or not.

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Oh, and it's also common for babies to increase in weight rapidly as they grow! Babies and even adults equally need fat in their diet. Fat, especially in infancy and early childhood, is essential for neurological development and brain function. Breastmilk contains more than 40% fat.

It's not vegetables, eggs, or H2O; breastmilk is the best nutrition you can give to your toddler. A study from the Brown University screened the brains of babies who are only breastfed for three months, and they showed significantly better development compared to babies who were fed with formulas or a combination of both.

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Circumference of the head that is above the 98th percentile is a characteristic of infants with Macrocephaly.

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Abnormally oversized head, or Macrocephaly, could be a sign of a condition that needs to be treated. But in several cases, it could be hereditary and can be ignored.

There is nothing good about having a huge head, except that parents need to watch out for other signs. In the case that it's related to a serious health issue, Macrocephaly could be a sign of brain tumors to autism.

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