22 Hilarious Photos That Were Captured At The Perfect Time

There’s no perfect strategy for taking a perfect shot. Most of the time, you have to be in the right place, the right time, and at the right angle. With a camera or a smartphone ever ready to take a shot, there’s no telling as to what hilariously unique moment you might capture. You possibly can be the best photographer, but now and then, perfect timing photo has continually attained limelight.

Perfectly timed photos eventually result in either a hilarious coincidence or a beautiful illusion. From a man lifting a horse to an Aloe Vera plant's beautiful spiral pattern, some shots will make you look twice and perhaps make you cringe. Among the countless galleries stumbled upon, we’ve compiled a list of the best perfectly-timed photos that will undoubtedly mess up with your head. Are you still doubting? Have a look, enjoy and share with friends and loved ones for a good crack-up.

"He Don't Care..."

therebel007 -Via

“Having Fun Down By The Docks.”

basshead541 -Via

The 3D Dog Filter.

perfectly_timed_photos -Via

Fly On With The Wings Of Louisiana.

perfectly_timed_photos -Via

Taylor Swift Appeared Where It's Least Expected.

unknown -Via

“PsBattle: Beer Pour.”

Theta291 -Via

Is That Two Butts And Three Legs?

patrickyin -Via

Sneaky Kitten Is Caught Red-Handed.

max_paeload -Via

The Aloe Polyphylla Plant.

namraka -Via

Hey, Look At My Horse.

this_time_i_mean_it -Via

“Nice Dress, Btw.”

nixonico -Via

Here’s Marilyn Monroe In 21st Century.


“Hey, It Would Mean A Lot To Me If You Liked And Commented Something Nice On @Manselle S Profile/Photos.”

perfectly_timed_photos -Via

“The Man Who Owns A Boeing”

Meat-Lover-69 -Via

“The Sun Coming Through My Window Almost Looks Like A UFO Beam."

MidnightDrag -Via

“Our Wedding Photographer Captured The Moment Our Cake Started To Topple.”

FrigNpickles -Via

“The Pole In This Picture Makes It Look Like Two Different Picture.”

morphdarko -Via

A Selfie Before The Drama.

PaintingInTheAM -Via

Shocked Group Looking At Photographer Mid Falling.

BufordTeeJustice -Via

Buffering At The Right Place At The Right Time.

korabdrg -Via

"This Is Amy Parks Reporting From Aami Park."

[deleted] -Via

“Large Ice Crystals In Switzerland.”

wsanders12345 -Via