Woman Explains Why People With Fake Service Dogs Are The Worst, And It Went Viral

One of the main problems that service dogs are faced with1 is the emergence of the so-called fake service dogs. But then, are there any signs on how to identify the fake ones? As pet owners, it’s required to know this information, especially as wrong impressions are left by people who take fake service dogs into the public. The main issue isn’t just about the handler but about the dangers the animal might face.

Other concerns include the threat that a fake service dog might create for people and legitimate service dogs. Shedding light on the subject matter, Trainingfaith, a professional service dog trainer and Tumblr user, has expressed her anger over the situation and has illustrated a clear difference between an adequately trained service dog and a dog that’s been labeled as a service dog. According to a description on Tumblr, Faith performs numerous tasks, including anxiety response, light guide work, chronic migraine alert, and self-harm disruption.

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Trainingfaith Is A Professional Dog Trainer, And Here’s Her Service Dog Named Faith.

Real service dogs save lives. The fake service animals are undoubtedly causing problems to those who need them, making the present situations even more challenging. What can be done to tackle this issue? Trainingfaith in an interview with BoredPanda revealed the need for national certification and registration for genuine service dogs trained to assist people with legitimate disabilities. Do you agree? However, other tasks performed by Trainingfaith (not a licensed lawyer or veterinarian) are Tactile stimulation, panic attack alert guide, deep pressure therapy, block (front), and cover me (back) mobility.