Celebrities On TikTok Are Sharing No-Filter Videos To Encourage Body Positivity

The time is over for glossy and rosy filters that remove pores from your skin. No more perfect, ideal, lean swimsuit bodies are considered the only image people can accept as beautiful and normal. No, it's time to normalize normal bodies and skin with pores. In fact, you shouldn't be too embarrassed about body hair that you are born with or acne that can be taken care of.

There is also nothing wrong with not looking like a supermodel or having slabs of fat on your tummy when you bed over. Gen Z is done with those things; it's time to bring back a normal image to society - you are pretty without having to apply thick makeup or rely on filters all the time.

#1 It's time to normalize what should be there, like pores on your skin.

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#2 Celebrity Lizzo has also joined and looked confident in matching underwear.

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Did I do the trend right?

The American singer, rapper, and flutist confidently shows her body and has been an avid body positivity supporter. The Texan songwriter hopped onto the trend and has over 18 million views on this video with the 'Be Humble' that sings, "Show me something natural." Other than that, she also regularly shares clips of her eating healthy meals and just being happy about herself in general!


Did I do the trend right?

#3 Acne can be taken care of. There is nothing wrong or shameful about them!

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#4 Yeah, it's that easy to conceal your tummy!

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Before Body Positivity, the movement began by a young engineer in 1969 who formed the National Association to Aid Fat Americans. His motivations? Bill Fabrey was angry about how people treated his wife, Joyce, who and plus-size body, poorly. So, he printed out copies of an article by a fat man from a few years ago on unfair treatment towards overweight people and shared them with those around him.

#5 Everything about this woman is normal. Just a confident woman feeling comfortable in her own skin!

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#6 Just look at what makeup and filter can do. Still cute!

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#7 The corset is not a healthy choice either!

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The term Body Positivity was started when hashtags became a trending feature on social media. While it has the roots of a movement against fatphobic treatments, it has now grown into a movement that focuses on the true meaning of body positivity that focuses on self-love. It is about embracing the normal you, not that perfect Instagram image.

#8 Body hair - nothing abnormal about them!

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