Artist Draws Tall & Short Girl Problems In 14 Hilarious Comics

Short people have struggles and undeniably, being tall is everything. But then, tall people also have their problems, as evident through these hilarious comics. The same way short people wish to have height, tall people equally want to become short. As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad -this can be linked to short and tall people. Ever felt mindful about being too tall or too short? If you have, it appears you aren’t alone. 

Illustrator Sara Pocock has created a series of animated comics that perfectly highlights the daily inconveniences every tall and short girl has to encounter. Sara, who works as an animator to Buzzfeed, including Cartoon Network, had been doodling ever since and had in 2006 earned a BFA in animation at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. If you’re wondering how it is to be in a tall & short person’s shoes, let these hilarious comics show you. Please take a look, enjoy it!

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#1 The Shower (The Tall Girls Problems)

#2 Brushing Of Teeth & The Mirror

#3 Sleeping & Size Of Bed

#4 The Not-Fitting Outfits

#5 Heels Or Flat Shoes

#6 On The Bus And Being Tall

#7 The Office Chair & Long Legs

#1 The Hug With Tall People (The Short Girl Problems)

#9 Being Short & The Mirror

#10 Being Short Isn't Fun

#11 The Driving

#12 Being Short Vs. High Shelves

#13 'Let Me See' Moment

#14 Being Short & The Office Chair