20 Amazing Hauls From The Thrift Store That People Had To Share

More often than not, the items found in thrift stores or at a vintage shop are mostly junk. Besides, who would want to give up something that’s valuable or that they like so much? If you’ve ever been to a thrift store, you possibly will agree there are a lot of wacky items available for purchase. However, on rare occasions, people have luckily stumbled into loads of things that ended up being worth a fortune.

Mostly sold for pennies, someone recently found an unmarked $18K gold bracelet for $5, and another equally came across a $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola Espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. Our compilation is hinged on these fascinating finds, and they are worth your attention. Possibly, you might even be the next lucky person to find a real gem that will change your life forever. In the meantime, enjoy the collation!

“My boyfriend found this vintage sofa on Facebook marketplace for $100!”

honeysprout -Via

“Found a signed Gabriel Iglesias action figure at Goodwill and he confirmed it was his signature on Twitter.”

texastechtanner -Via

“It is in fact hip to be square. $30 Levi’s jacket from the ‘85 tour.”

Oxigenitals -Via

“Found this gorgeous designer allen schwartz dress for $7 at my local resale shop with tags, retails $350. Looks like I found my prom dress!”

kabylex -Via

“My most prized possession. Vintage Giorgio Armani orange shearling coat I snagged last year for $80 at a local consignment shop. Originally for over $1300.”

-rideawhiteswan- -Via

“I found this beautiful vintage Jean Paul Gaultier coat for $8 at a dusty old thrift store.”

SteezyStudios -Via

“Today I found this incredible vintage silk sequin dress that I would absolutely live in if I could!”

lycra-and-leggings -Via

“Found this unmarked 18k gold bracelet for $5.”

minarima -Via

“Here’s my secondhand wedding dress I found at a thrift store in Charleston, SC. Few years back. Not married, just wanted it for pictures.”

Paige Nicole Goodman -Via

“When the checker asked me what this was, I muttered that it’s for making coffee and ran away. $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill.”

randomlybev -Via

“$3.99 for this gorgeous 1950’s tooled leather bag.”

uncomfortablekiwi -Via

“Found the bike of my dreams! All she needed was some new tires and a wash, $10!”

hey00guys/ -Via

“I present to you all my Vintage Peacock Crystal Ring gifted to me by my best friend! Found in an antique store.”

Madison Williams -Via

“Most awesome decanter EVER. Picked up from local thrift store.”

Emily Rose -Via

“$6 handmade leather purse, with accents of the best season! Win win!”

Lochjessmonstah -Via

“Flea market find. Marked 14k, and I only paid $4. It was in a big box of Random, mostly Monet costume jewelry.”

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

“Turtles are my favorite animal. It’s a pin and a little bigger than a half dollar. Still no idea how old it is but it was in the possession of a woman in her 90’s so I’m betting it’s had a long life.”

Brittany Zingaro -Via

“I figured it was worth 5 bucks… Once you pull the movement out, the total weight was 22.1g and it’s marked and tested as 14-karat gold.”

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

“Great turn of the century mission oak rocking chair with side sewing drawer. Great find at 25$.”

Suspicious_Bedroom69 -Via

“Got this off Facebook marketplace for $50. Not as cheap as some of the $6-ish dollar beauties I’ve seen in this group, but for the beading and long train, I think it’s a steal.”

Ainsley Cotherman -Via