30 Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are Way Too Hilarious (New Pics)

When you hear the term: Wildlife Photography, the thought of beautiful frame-worthy photos naturally emerges. But it seems for every perfect photo, there are tons of crappy and hilarious ones. Every photographer knows capturing the perfect shot takes plenty of patience and, importantly, practice for wildlife. Animals hardly stay still, neither do they care about posing for the camera, and as such, taking images that are destined for garbage bins remains inevitable. 

A big thanks to a Facebook community called: Crap Wildlife Photography, photographers who managed to fail during their attempts in capturing a perfect animal shot are exposed. From an image of out of focus, an awkward pose to something bizarre, these photo exists and are often just as fun to look at as the perfect ones. So for all the people who appreciate wildlife, our compilation is for you. Do brace up for some giggles as these photos aren’t like the ones from National Geographic. Enjoy! 

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A picture of a capybara getting snipped by a goose. Can’t believe what I saw.

Danielle Merlino -Via

Captured a Great Horned Owl chilling the roof behind our house.

Kevin Frey -Via

“Every move you make… every step you take… Owl be watching you.”

Jack Brown -Via

Is there any ornithologists that can tell me what kind of bird is this?

Francesco DiCenso -Via

While you wait this to load, the description reads a spectacular display of glow-worms in the dark caves of New Zealand.

Paul Heaton -Via

You’re looking at the foot of a brush-tailed possum. That is my bathroom ceiling.

Sabrina Raven -Via

This moment made me realize that I need a bigger bird feeder.

Juli Alsadi -Via

Behold, the best fish picture I’ve ever taken.

Paul M. T. Savoy -Via

It was too fast. Not my fault.

Muneer Al Shanti -Via

That lazy fella, though.

Cindy Von Liebig Uemura -Via

Ah, did I just take a picture of a crime happening amongst the sparrows?

Trish Sutherland -Via

Yeah, definitely need more practice in taking bird pictures.

Jeff Dunn -Via

Guess who photobombed who. The sleepy pigeon didn’t notice my camera heading for the juvenile seagull.

Jamie Andrews -Via

In case you’re wondering, that’s a frog.

Christie Sanam -Via

Mr. Grumpy photobombed my picture of Porto, Porto-Gull.

Cynthia Michelle Smith -Via

That is a very well-camouflaged snowy owl.

Amy Baxter -Via

“You are considered lucky to see one cape clawless otter. Two together at the same time is even more unusual. Not sure what it means when eight demonic ones come and visit you out of the darkness.”

Chris Leggatt -Via

“Hi, how are ya?” “Hi, how are ya?” “Hi, how are ya?”

Paul J Snow -Via

Yeah, that’s a wild komodo dragon in my bathroom. Gonna have to use a different one tonight.

Jasmine Vink -Via

That eagle giving the ultimate bird.

Josh Beckner -Via

I have been stalking an albino squirrel that lives in our backyard and finally got one!

Sue Achterberg Auradon -Via

This grateful raccoon decided to shake off the water on me after I saved him from drowning.

Paige Rancier -Via

Just had to take this picture. Took this right after getting out of my car.

Beth Croft Jones -Via

“I will be leading an online class in photography soon. Feel free to Western Union me your $500 enrollment deposit.”

Paul Badgley -Via

The picture ain’t bad. It’s just… I crapped my pants…

Emily DeWolfe -Via

I am absolutely in awe with the majestic… welds of the steel fencing.

Greg Lems -Via

“The Ermine in the lovely Minnesota snow. Nailed the exposure on this one.”

Wayne Perala -Via

“Next time starring on squirrel p**n is Ballsy the Squirrel.”

Rachel Beth -Via

He’s raiding our bird feeder, but the question was why did he feel like covering his private parts.

Curt Finke -Via

Check out my beaver.

Tammy Pollard -Via