19 Sexist Things That Are Deemed ‘Normal’ In Modern Society

The voice is an incredible gift – a privilege and a responsibility. Using one’s voice requires courage, and thankfully, women’s right to speak up in public and even online is gradually being fully granted. Many laid standards expected of women are facing confront, and so far, a few out of the numerous have successfully be dealt with. The perfect body stereotype is now experiencing a paradigm shift, and so are the other sexist things today’s world tries to normalize for women. 

A big thanks to a Reddit thread named: ‘r/TrollXChromosomes, people are now sharing opinions, emphasizing the sexist and misogynistic things expected to be normal in today’s society. The Reddit community, in particular, is a place for women to share their voice and for anyone that’s looking to expose themselves to more perspectives on a variety of topics. However, we’ve compiled some of the valid statements hinged on sexism, and they’re guaranteed to make you have a deep think. Have a look!


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