Woman Slammed For Asking 'How To Say No' After Finding Engagement Ring In Boyfriend's Drawer

What kind of reaction do you have when you hear that a friend had the question popped on her? Some of you might go 'Aww' or gasp in unbelievable happy shock and then say, 'Congrats!'

But not this woman. Will it be too harsh to say she's a gold-digger? Probably, as we don't know the real situation with her. But she started a post on her engagement ring in a 'Ring Shaming' group on Facebook with 'Eww.' But what's even more shocking is the help she's asking from people.

Not good enough for her.

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"Eww... Self-shame Friday, here I come," wrote the woman on her post.

She bluntly commented on it, "Found this in the BF's nightstand. Not a fan."

"Please roast and then tell me how to tactfully say 'no, you need to go get something different.'"

Her ring-shaming post was reposted on Reddit in the 'Choosing Beggars' subreddit. People did not appreciate how she's not just being ungrateful but also snooping around the man's privacy without his consent (since the ring was found).

The ring shown looks to be a silver band with a triple-diamond arrangement in a row sitting in a silver jewelry box.

She asked for people's help to roast and then how to tell her boyfriend no and get a different ring instead for her. The woman was not excited to be proposed and people don't think she's worth it.

One person commented, "It’s not tacky and/or expensive enough for her."

Another explains what could possibly be her line of thinking when she posted this online, "Ok so, no defending her behavior, she is disgusting. I personally think that ring looks lovely and it looks pretty expensive."

"But I do get wanting a ring that is in your style since you are supposed to wear it every day for the rest of your life," she continued.

'Eww'? Well, people think the guy is better off getting a different girlfriend.