17 Hilariously Strange Things People Do That Can Never Be Explained Logically

Most of the time, being a normal human being can get tiring! Thankfully, we all have a bunch of strange quirks that can never be explained logically. If you often put water in your noodles yet nearly burnt down the house, you are not alone. And if you usually spend time eating your burger layer by layer, most people equally do this too. The truth is, many of us are more alike than we know, and even it’s in a silly way, some things we (humans) do can never be explained logically. 

Besides, we are quite skilled at ignoring our flaws while carefully spotting other people’s shortcomings. But then, have you ever seen someone applying a fake tanning spray before feeding their infant? If you haven’t, our compilation is the perfect portrayal of the bizarre things people do intentionally or unintentionally. These acts might leave you confused but, of course, will crack up you real good. Do have a look, and enjoy it!

‘I Was Trying To Make A Mac n Cheese Cup And Forgot To Add Water (No Fire Happened)’

gaacar -Via

The Execute Order 66

CaptTechno -Via

Four Pregnancy Tests Vs. 4 Children At Once

97Vercetti -Via

Do You Know Who Still Plays The Old Nokia Snake Stimulator?

YesNoOkBye -Via

‘When You Ask Mom To Close The Door’

[deleted] -Via

‘If You Do This, I H*** You’

Matamelo -Via

'The People Of My Country’

jayjaynonkle -Via

‘Three Humans. Trying To Unlock A Car To Get The Keys Out. Mind You, There’s Plastic Taped Over The Back Window’

beaverkc -Via

Guy’s Desktop On A Flight! Take A Look At The Screen

sabretewth -Via

‘When People Drape Their Hair Over The Backs Of Chairs’

WildestPotato -Via

‘Forgot To Put Water In My Noodles And Nearly Burnt My House Down’

KenSpliffeyJunior_ -Via

‘Ignored My Girlfriend’s Texts After A Tough Shift At Work. She Took Her Frustration Out On My TV, RIP Big Guy’

zzaman -Via

‘No Captioned Needed’

wtf_earl -Via

‘Does This Count?

Mediocris_ -Via

‘Someone, Please Remind Me To Wash My Spray Tan Off Before Feeding My Baby!’

kozefiaak -Via

‘My Little Brother Eats A Burger Layer By Layer’


Dear Post Office Workers! If You’re Delivering A Box And It Sounds Like Broken Glass, And You Have To Put In A Bag Because It’s Leaking, Go Ahead And Keep It?’

tyson_hesse -Via