32 Amazing Pics Of Things Before & After Removing Dirt

A box of gold isn’t always lost in the deep forest or beneath the ocean. Instead, treasures can also sit in your backyards, garden, kitchen, and even on your bathroom walls. Many people have continually set out to hunt for treasure, but some people have somehow managed to stumble onto valuable items within their home accidentally. In particular, there seems to real gem associated with cleaning up a place or perhaps things. 

In several photos shared, the outcome of cleaning is so incredible that it can be hard to believe underneath a layer of dust and dirt lies unique beauty. If cleaning is your favorite thing, you certainly will resonate with our compilation, and if it’s not, sooner or later, you’ll have to fire on your willpower, pick up a sponge or rag and start cleaning. We took a closer look at the people who found real treasures under a thick layer of dirt. These collected photos are oddly satisfying, and they’re proof that you also can achieve a high level of mastery in cleaning. Have a look!

‘Before And After Of My Shower Head After I Cleaned It With CLR’

betty_baphomet -Via

Team of snowplows clears ice off Kentucky interstate from r/oddlysatisfying

‘Deep Cleaned My Lollys With The Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit, A Suede Eraser And A Razor’

its_charlit -Via

Windshield with hydrophobic coating. Once you get enough speed, you don’t even need the wiper. from r/oddlysatisfying

‘Wife Cleaned This 80’s Wood Stove Humidifier That We Got For $20 At The Flea Market. Looks Awesome When The Mist Comes Out Of His Nose’

jefftatro1 -Via

‘$14.99? Yes Please! Minus A Few Very Minor Chips, This Thing Cleaned Up Beautifully’

UncleBuckle2020 -Via

‘First Time Using A Power Washer And I’m In Love’

thenickdyer -Via

‘When I Saw These On Facebook Marketplace For $23 I Had To Give It A Go. They Were Muddy All Over The Inside And Outside, And I Cleaned Them Up And Then Wore Them All Winter’

otherkeith -Via

‘My Favorite Throw Pillows Had Those Annoying Fluffs Bits On Them. Went Over Them With A Cheap Razor And Love The Outcome!’

CrossedRoses -Via

‘I Just Came Across This Sub And Remembered This Picture From t Years. I Think It Fits Nicely Here’

Moparmuha -Via

‘Pressure Washed A Thing Today. We Picked Up A Castle Play Set For The Kids. It Was In Serious Need Of A Good Pressure Wash’

thecaptamazing -Via

‘I Cleaned The Cruddy 90-Year-Old Pan’

LockMarine -Via

‘Before And After Cleaning My Earring. I’ve Never Cleaned It Before’

iimorbiid -Via

‘I Cleaned And Organized The Kitchen At My MILs House! It Looks So Much Better! In Total, It Took About 30 Hours Start To Finish’

heyynickkayy -Via

‘I Was Gifted This Funny Cast Iron Baking Pan. Cleaned It Up And Baked With It’

LaserWolfe76 -Via

‘1951 National New Yorker Lap Steel! He Dismissed It Like A Dirty Guitar, And I Got If For $5! She Cleaned Up Beautifully’

GuitarStringWings -Via

‘I’m A Little Speechless. I Thought Our Patios And Path Were Made With Brown Slabs’

VulpixesAteMyBaby -Via

‘The Back Patio Of Our New House. I Have On Good Info That It Hasn’t Been Cleaned In Around 40 Years’

Magical-Sweater -Via

‘It’s Amazing What Toothpaste And An Old Toothbrush Can Do For Your Shoes!’

mh15634 -Via

‘First Restoration Project. Stainless Steel Wire Scrub And Lots Of Elbow Grease’

stoner_boner_69 -Via

‘Bar Keepers Friend Is Incredible. This Pot Had Years Of Abuse Before I Learned Of This Miracle Cleaner’

BBQnNugs -Via

‘Knowing How To Clean Thing Is So Worth It. $3.70 Le Creuset Tea Kettle Cleaned Up With A Little Baking Soda’

pleasure_hunter/ -Via

‘Before And After.Wagner 1891’

pipehonker -Via

‘I Spent Seven Glorious Hours Today Shampooing My Carpets’

logixdude -Via

‘Update – Lodge Star Mold Restored’

denverironrx -Via

‘I Received This Secondhand Kettle Through My Local Buy Nothing Group. Cleaned It Up And Descaled With Vinegar’

none4gretchen -Via

‘Not Cleaned The Hob For Two Years. It Took Me Two Hours And A Lot Of Scrubbing To Remove The Dried On Layers’

WizardryAwaits -Via

‘My First Restoration Project. I Found It In My Recycling Bin On Trash Day. It’s A Shared Bin With My Neighbors Who Must Not Have Seen It’s Potential’

sisterwife3006 -Via

‘Here’s What I Did With My First Pressure Washer!’

Dooeyben -Via

The Leather Shoe Restoration! These Shoes Are More Than 10 Years Old. Recently I Got Caught In The Rain With Them. My Girlfriend Said We Couldn’t Save Them And Just Had To Throw Them Away But I Was Sure I Could Handle The Challenge’

TheWealthyOligarchs -Via