27 Hilarious Things Basically We All Do But Never Talk About

We reside in a weird world where humans do numerous things yet fail to admit doing it. Aligning your feet with tiles is no strange thing, but if done when people are around, it becomes unacceptable and, of course, a thing of embarrassment. You might have encountered many people who argued not to have done the things listed in this article. But seriously, we all have these habits, including staying sleepy amid using the bathroom at 4 a.m. 

However, it’s time to be courageous and wear your heart on your sleeve like these people. And indeed, the more we humans begin to acknowledge our little secrets, the greater our foundation for achieving full potential and being free will be. Here we’ve compiled some of the everyday things you and I do, which we would never dare to admit in public. They will make you laugh-out-loud yet downright relatable. Enjoy it!

The Personal Connection With The Fish

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The Inevitable Question

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The Courageous Risk Of Life

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When Maturity Comes To Play

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The Terror Of Making Mistakes

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Staying Sleepy!

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The Restart

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The ‘What Did You Do Today’ Question

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The Inevitable Poker Face During Lies

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The Most Difficult Question

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The Frustration Of Incorrect Password

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The Happiness Of Full Battery

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Anxiety Is Real

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The Fight For Life On A Hill

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Tracing TV Remote

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How Slang Spreads

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The True Definition Of Panic

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Using The Shower

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The Song To Life

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Owning A Blanket

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Six Minutes Left To Live

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Blow On It Vs. Hashafashasha Way

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The Speed Of Time

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The Spelling Nightmarish

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The Nothing But Joy Moment

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The Silent Shame

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