25 Things Today’s Kids Won’t Ever Believe Millennials Had Struggled Through

Millennials haven’t been getting a break as they continually tend to enlighten the youth. While the trends might be overstated, millennials certainly have different tastes, priorities and have even struggled through things today’s kids won’t possibly believe. From looking through a minuscule little hole to take a photo to the period of carrying both an iPod and a phone because it isn’t a smartphone, today’s kids can undeniably never comprehend the high stakes of adrenaline that had run through millennials. 

Being older naturally implies being able to preach of childhood memories. But it turned memories for the millennials are being outshined as advanced technology is eradicating the previous form of items or perhaps things. However, we remain an advocate for the millennials, and they sure deserve to have a voice in today’s society. Since it might be challenging to convince children under age 15, we’ve compiled a few things to prove what millennials have had to struggle through before now. Please have a look, enjoy it!

Becoming a fan has never been harder.

niccisaintbruce -Via

People used to talk to others more without Google’s help.

nikkibloomsmith -Via

All you want is just make a call from a separate room.

Doug_Stryker -Via

Things weren’t just served on a platter for you, guys!

FlossAus -Via

Phones used to hold on much longer than 3 hours.

TrxllStar -Via

You have a proud collection of your favorite music in binders that you can’t throw away.

thingsmykidswontknow -Via

Burning songs into a CD, but your CD player says:

sexymouchan -Via

When the internet and the telephone line fight for rights.

TheOldManClub -Via

You rolled down the window. Literally.

kimhutson4 -Via

Remember when you can text without looking at your phone at all?

CISNCountry -Via

Other than pirating, people also used to record songs from the radio.

monkaaaay -Via

Netflix used to rent out DVDs, too.

DankwaBrooks -Via

Everything needs ‘www’ or they won’t work.

blonde_kars -Via

Disposable cameras with results that’s always full of surprises.

instagram -Via

To be satisfied with a 40kb/s download speed.

1105Katty -Via

You can ‘miss’ your channel as well.

Kattkuh -Via

When digital cameras were the fanciest ways to take nice pictures.

photobucket -Via

Feeling techie from plugging a couple cables.

Santa__Claude -Via

It’s 9 pm time folks, let’s hang out!

cabbagecatmemes -Via

Channel 3 to all movie and video game purposes.

OriginInsider -Via

There is that one room…

evaamichelle -Via

When emoticons had less dimensions on them.

instagram -Via

Eyeing the newspaper for movie schedules.

CVanAuk -Via

Printing from Mapquest for directions.

AshLIGHTnin -Via

Disposable cameras know how to disappoint you after a one-week wait.

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