‘My Message To The Guys Who Body-Shamed Me By Making Pig Noises’

Fat-shaming is hazardous, and if you feel it’s a way of telling someone to lose weight, you're mistaken. One woman is going viral, having penned a powerful message to all the men that have fat-shamed her. The woman went as far as sharing photos of what she appeared like when she was anorexic, and undoubtedly, it’s saddening. 20-Year-Old Eva Vermeiren had developed anorexia at age 16 and has been hospitalized countless times in the past 4years. Eva equally suffered depression and self-harm issues.

Presently, she’s along the road to recovery but was recently faced with trolls who made pig noises at her as she walks down the street for being fat.

‘Yesterday, something happened to me which made me think and stress a lot. It was a small thing, but it was like a bomb hit me. Now I am writing to the guys who fat-shamed me,’ Eva reportedly said. Under the username @recoveryforeva on Twitter, Eva sent out a powerful message but didn’t, however, criticize the cruel teens. Instead, she thanked them for not only making her realize that there are still many fatphobic a**holes out there but also showed her she isn’t yet where she wants to be. 

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A horrible life-changing experience: she’s reminded of her past.

Anorexia is an eating disorder where the patient would try to maintain a below-normal weight through starvation or too much exercise. You are what you eat, but what are you if you don’t eat? If not dealt with soon, anorexia can lead to severe problems stemming from the lack of nutrition intake exaggerated by depression and anxiety.

She owns herself! She added, “Although I still don’t have a healthy weight, I am so much happier now.”