Australian Man Spots A Huge Huntsman Spider Sits On A Traffic Light

Volunteers and nature lovers dream of the day people can co-exist peacefully with nature without hurting each other. Australia's hot and humid outback habitat is probably the only exception, especially after tradesman Joel Hogan shared a picture while he was in the middle of his work with the traffic lights in Alice Springs. Apparently, a spider was in his way, and naturally, the first thing he did was snap a selfie.

Most people wouldn't know the best thing to do in this situation. It's one of those 'NOPE' moments from Australia where people would absolutely prefer to let nature takes its course and not bother them.

"Anyone have a thong big enough for this bloke?"

Joel Hogan -Via

The comments are hilarious, ranging from getting a gun to just using a flame thrower. One wrote, "Mate, you would have to sacrifice a full pair of Rocco's on that."

Another suggested, "You’d have to shoot it like there’s no other way."

"Stuff that. The lights can wait," one concluded.

While Joel thought this was a Goliath bird eater, another user suggested that it may not be it.

"This is a huntsman, likely one that looks bigger due to forced perspective. Goliath birdeaters (Theraphosa spp.) are from South America, not Australia."

An Arachnologist identified this as the Badge Huntsman.

Goliath Birdeaters are commonly found in North America, but there is a different species in Australia called the barking spider (Phlogius crassipes). Its other nickname is the bird-eating spider.

This Badge Huntsman is venomous, but it won't kill a human. The common symptoms are swelling, nausea, vomiting, and heavy sweating.

This is a normal-sized adult Badge Huntsman.

Australia Museum -Via

It's presumed the one Joel took a picture of was pregnant, which explains its bulging abdomen.