20 Interesting Pics That Were Taken At The Right Time

If having a camera makes people an instant photographer, everyone who uses photoshop should be considered an artist. The art of photography isn’t about pushing a button on an expensive camera but about capturing moments worth millions of words. There are countless galleries of photos floating around, but a few have appropriately represented photography's genuine concept.  

From accidental optical illusions to hilarious moments of fate, perfectly timed photos are worthy of awards. Here, we’ve compiled an exciting showcase of 20 incredible photos that were taken at just the perfect time. The majority are hilarious, and a few are quite brilliant as they’re meticulously taken by skilled photographers who coordinated the shot to perfection. They’re sure to make you look twice while dishing out the laugh-out-loud recipe. Luck and the right timing can downright be magical. Have a look!

‘I Will Just Take This’

rossjeffnards -Via

One Second Before Disaster

APurpleTRex -Via

‘Years Ago My Brother Lost His Cellphone On A Roller Coaster. We Figured There Was No Way To Know When. Then She Saw The Ride Photo’

moonshine12 -Via

Grandfather And Three Brothers, Circa 1940. Windsor, Ontario, Canada

bfrickey -Via

Learning The Hard Way!

Mustard_SG -Via

‘The Way My Brother’s Phone Camera Caught The Flash Of This Lightning’

AmericanSpaghetti -Via

When You’re Just Trying To Get A Chill Outfit Selfie

ohcarroll -Via

Giant Dog Roams Over A Freshly Plowed Street

Miko54 -Via

Tree Makes It Look Like The Guy Has An Afro

Speeider -Via

That’s Slightly Creepy

MotherKokoNutz -Via

Just A Typical Family Photo With Our Furbabies

xmoana -Via


theblueshad0w -Via

‘The Timing Of This Image Makes It Look Like My Nephew Is A Waterbender’

KellJoy -Via

‘She Landed On My Shoulder’

alsatianson -Via

‘My Friend Used To Love That Parrot’

sause246 -Via

Here’s A Dog In A Blizzard

Calcanius -Via

‘Lightning Striking Simultaneously On Chicago’s Three Tallest Buildings’

dhruveishp -Via

Cat Performing Black Magic Trick

greengeorgi -Via

It Has Since Moved!

mldljns -Via

‘Yellow Warbler Flew Into Frame While Taking A Snap Of An Iguana’

ian1865 -Via