Artist Perfectly Draws The Reality Of 'Toxic' Relationships, And It’s Too Relatable

Being involved in a toxic relationship is like being in a dark tunnel with no way out. However, this aforesaid hasn’t kept people away from this kind of relationship, especially as the belief of being with the devil that's known instead of getting involved with an unknown new angel, still lingers on. But then, walking away from toxic effects and flushing out the toxicity has been rooted in one’s mindset tend to open doors to a bright future and greater heights. 

In this article, Artist Jean Dolly of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is preaching to people who have been continuously exposed to toxicity to leave the fog cycle and start seeing things positively. A toxic relationship naturally closes up the mind to optimistic things; hence being in the toxic fog can’t possibly make you predict or perhaps have a happy future. Jean’s latest comic is titled: ‘Somebody I used to know,’ and it perfectly describes a common personality type that leeches on someone instead of patterning with them. The comic undeniably explains the reality of toxic relationships and, indeed, are way too relatable. Have a look! 

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Artist Jean just recently started to document her life experiences and thoughts in a series of comics and illustrated short stories. ‘Somebody I used to know’ isn’t a random thought but a tale of someone that’s personally known. Artist Jean describes the person as a friend of a friend, and as seen in the comic, the character can be seen bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend and vilifying them sooner than expected, resulting in lots of drama and hurt. 

Nonetheless, Jean Dolly doesn’t perceive the character as being mean but as someone who must have been broken somehow or experiencing a borderline personality disorder. You will agree there was no actual malice as you glanced through the comic, but there was indeed a terrible need to be in a relationship and incapability of handling one. Do you find Jean’s comics impressive? If yes, do share with loved ones and friends!