26 Incredible Before & After Pics That Are Showing A Different Perspective Of World

It’s evident that the world has transformed, but it’s not so often that we stop to notice just how much people, places, and things have changed. Time passes, and everything tends to change. Some things take days, weeks, or months to wear down, while some things can take years or decades. Even we humans and places will someday equally submit to the dominance of time. Fortunately, we’ve been given a chance to capture and celebrate past events on camera. 

Photos are undeniably reminders of how things, places, people were a few years back and how they appear presently. Besides, when we look at ourselves, there’s possibly something about lives we would like to change. Some people have gone ahead, and a good example is a man whose left eye got damaged but was fixed with a fake eye. Here we’ve collated some startling before and after photos of things, and they’re guaranteed to leave you mind-blown. Enjoy!

Mount Saint Helens Volcano (Before And After Eruption)

HattoriHanzo983 -Via

Cat Jaw Before And After Surgery

yummytuber -Via

The Brahmin Moth Before And After Metamorphosis

Formal-Cycle-1113 -Via

Crew Dragon Capsule Before And After Flight To Space Station

dhruveishp -Via

Graffiti Commissioned By Local Government In Pachuca, Mexico (Before And After)

afterdroid -Via

‘It Has Been 4Years To The Day Since I Had My Scoliosis Surgery. It Took 14 Hours, And Surgeons Drilled Metal Straightening Bars Into My Spine. The X-Rays Taken Before And After The Surgery’

River_Atkinson -Via

The Skyline Of Manila Before And After Quarantine

stalwart_rabbit -Via

Photo Taken Before And After Destruction Of Berlin Wall

thewrongun -Via

Wooden Chair Before And After Undergoing An Extensive Crafting

Lulceltech -Via

The New York Building Before And After Power Washing

manaven_pathak -Via

Man Before And After Cutting His Hair To Donate To A Non-Profit - Angel Hair For Kids Which Produce Wigs For Kids With Cancer

TuckerFarrow -Via

A Cat Before And After Being Rescued Off The Street. Here’s A Year Difference

alinaesther -Via

Man Before And After Wearing His Fake Eyeball

deafis -Via

‘The Before And After Of Deep Cleaning My Room After Depression Slump’

rachelliyo -Via

First Photo 21 February (Before) And Second Photo 23 October (After)

jukiel19 -Via

Before And After The Marathon Of A Backyard Project

TheWeetodd -Via

Here’s Abraham Lincoln, Before And After The Civil War

admania -Via

A Homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Before And After Baking In The Oven

amyfry80 -Via

‘Before And After Processing Of The Andromeda Galaxy From My Backyard’

tomsmithreddit -Via

A Viking Axe After It Was Found And After It Restoration

Petaaa -Via

‘Before And After 76 Years Apart On The Eastern Front’


The Rio De Janeiro Before (1880) And After (2020)

TheBoom1001/ -Via

A Kitten Before And After Drying Off From A Bath

Luciphyr729 -Via

The Before And After Cleaning Of A 300-Year-Old Silver-Inlaid Sword Pommel

Antique_Steel -Via

‘I Took A Month-Long Class Called: ‘Drawing Is A Learnable Skill. Here’s My Self-Portrait, Before And After!’

milkykisses -Via

An Incredible Backyard Transformation – Before And After Lockdown

koppersneller -Via