35 People Hilariously Exposed Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pics

We all do love Instagram! But then, some people appear to have the most complicated relationship with the photo-sharing platform. Created to connect people who want to share special moments from their lives, the page has, however, now been recognized as harmful to mental health – a big thanks to its flood of envious uploads. We’ve all at some point added a beautiful filter to a selfie or perhaps brightened up a photo to make it worthy for ‘gram likes and comments.

It turned out; these barely observed edits are nothing compared to the genuinely shocking heavily-edit fails. From the woman who made her head thrice as large as her thigh to the woman who looked like a creepy-black mannequin, the r/Instagramreality Subreddit with over 900K members has been sharing these hilarious fails, and we couldn’t just resist. We’ve compiled the group’s newest, hence brace up for some good, LOL.

The Same Person! Instagram Vs. On TV

Smart_Ass_Pawn -Via

The Head Is Thrice As Large As The Thigh

ilikecereal6 -Via

Here’s Comes The Black Barbie Of Our Time

Myneckmyguac -Via

Was There A Rib Removal? Nah, It’s Heavy-Edit

dieser-siggi -Via

Meet The Two-Faced Croatian Singer

krvav1ca -Via

Since the catchphrase ‘Do It For The Gram’ emerged, people have been putting in quite an effort to present the best of the best version of themselves with the help of digital edits. Honestly, we don’t know whether to cry or laugh over this ridiculous gallery of fake Instagrammers.

The Head And Neck? She’s A Model And TV Host

Animusel -Via

Bodybuilder With The 6-Year-Old Girl Face

realdowntomarsgrl -Via

Photo Posted Vs. When Tagged

NnNoodle88 -Via

When It’s Hard To Keep Record Of Your Untruth Measurements

scorpiopath_ -Via

Ever Met A Couple So Flawless And Sharp?


Meet The Influencer Who Has A New Face Daily

nightowlistheonlyowl -Via

Promo Photo Online Vs. Photo From Promo Real-Life Event

racek_ -Via

Popular Fitness Influencer Caught Photoshopping A Thigh Gap

renaissanceblues -Via

Instagram Vs. The Paparazzi Photo

urbanwarrior3558 -Via

There’s Now A New Curved iPhones

decentdevil86 -Via

Male IG Models Now Evolving

epicatif -Via

The Whitening Ads Again

tyforcalling -Via

At First Glance, It’s Naturally Disturbing

THEknifeWIFE -Via

Is This Body Natural And All Genetics As Claimed?

wolfxiwtf -Via

The Edit Is Downright A Shape Shifter

okmr360 -Via

Animation Or Human?

Pankystanky -Via

Instagram Pics Vs. Video Screenshots

NessieReddit -Via

Edited Photo To Look Like A Teenager

scroobykaty -Via

Instagram Vs. YouTube Channel! The Difference Is Striking

WintryNymph -Via

Skin Texture On Instagram Vs. In Real Life

Prestigious-Course64 -Via

This Guy Is A Goldmine. Highly Flawless

jane_doe_john -Via

Photo-Edit At A Over 1000 Peak

Xgoldy4u -Via

Instagram Profile Vs. Screen Grab Of TV Show

awaythrowaway2010 -Via

Don't Be Ashamed Of Aging

SiriuslyLoony -Via

The Entire Account Is Filled With These!

jackielyn359 -Via