Artist Who Makes Sad Comics Just Released A New One About A Swan

Artist Jenny Jinya, through her Grim Reaper comics, has always made her audience teary-eyed. Jinya had gone viral for her comic hinged a black cat who lives outdoors and finds a friend in a kind old woman.  Now she’s done it again with a new one about a swan inspired by a real-life incident. The German illustrator illustrates the tale about a neglected swan who had witnessed her precious eggs being heartlessly smashed. The incident, according to Manchester Evening News, took place in the United Kingdom in 2020. 

A group of teenage boys reportedly smashed the precious eggs, having thrown rocks and bricks at them. The mother had been found dead earlier the same week, shortly after the father Swan disappeared. Onlookers who witnessed the event claim the group aimed for the island where the swans had made a nest. 

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‘I read about this a while ago, and it breaks my heart. The only message I have is don’t be cruel’ Artist Jenny captioned her new post

An estimated three of the six eggs founds were left smashed, and interestingly, wildlife activists who intervened by keeping an eye on the swans revealed more eggs had been lost and that only one survived. Accordingly, it's reported that the father, Swan walked away from the nest and hadn’t returned. It’s suspected he had been chased away by stress. 

On the other hand, the Mother Swan is said to have been harassed or killed by ducks, moorhens, and even dogs who found her unhatched eggs. Speaking to Bored Panda, Artist Jenny reacted to the incident saying: There’s not much I can tell. She probably passed away of a broken heart as she had a partner for life and was driven away by stress.’ 

She added: ‘Be it shelter workers, vets, or private people who volunteer incredible selfless commitment that’s never in the news and gets far too little attention gives me so much hope. There are incredible people out there, and I truly applaud them.’ Nonetheless, it’s been known for swans to pass away of a broken heart if they lose their partners.