Photographer Shares What Tattooed People Hide Under Everyday Outfits

Tattoos have increasingly become mainstream. And indeed, the old saying of never judge a book by its cover has been proven to the brim by Alan Powdrill’s in the COVERED series of heavily tattooed people. Alan Powdrill is a London-based photographer originally from Nottingham. Powdrill’s exciting insight into the tattoo culture can change people's perceptions of body art, especially as the photos appear to show two facets of the models: The more in-depth, more unique self, and the self adapted to the society. 

Photographer Powdrill, who met his COVERED Series participants via tattoo conventions, face-to-face interactions, and social media, asked each to take a pose in front of their home. A before image shows the participant fully clothed, while the after image depicts being stripped down and confidently showing off the body art. Many of whom are tattooed from chin to toe are captivating yet breathing works of art – some started getting tattoos at age 40, while a few are life-long devotees who had started since before they were in a permissible age. Out of the numerous photographs of Powdrill’s, we’ve compiled the most astonishing ones for your perusal. Enjoy!

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53-Year-Old Michelle. ‘Can’t Say What Age I’ll Stop. While There’s Space To Fill, It’ll Get Filled. I Don’t Think My Attitude Will Ever Change’

38-Year-Old Peter. ‘They Have Given Me Confidence In Life Since My Crohn’s Illness. I Will Love Them In The Future Like I Do Now’

40-Year-Old Ness. ‘I Am Loving How They Change As My Body Gets Older And The Creases And Wrinkles Change How They Look When I’ve Got No Space Below My Neck I’ll Stop’

49-Year-Old Alex. ‘My Mom Wasn’t Happy At All About The Swallow On My Hand, So I Said ‘Look Mom It’s Not Like I’m On The Street Doing Heroin’

23-Year-Old Lillianna. ‘I Don’t Feel My Opinion On My Tattoos Will Change. I Doubt I’ll Have Regrets Regardless Of My Age’

25-Year-Old Chris. ‘If I Ever Forgot Who I Am I Take My Clothes Off And Look In The Mirror And Find Out Who I Am Again’

29-Year-Old Kimmy. ‘My Kiss Tattoos Are My Favorite, The Pain Was Incredible But It Feels Good To Show My Ultimate Dedication To The Band’

37-Year-Old Victoria. ‘My Tattoos Are Part Of Who I Am. I’ll Always Love My Bodysuit Now And Even When I’m 80. The Love I Have For What I Look Like Is What It’s All About’

58-Year-Old Graham. ‘I Was 51 When I Started, And My Father Was Already Dead, And My Mom Didn’t Say Anything. She Was In The Early Stages Of Dementia’

66-Year-Old Dave. ‘I Started In 1963 When I Was 14, And I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Stop’

59-Year-Old Bill. ‘I Love The Fact I’m Middle Aged, Have A Professional Job, Am Surrounded By Straight People And I Have No Fucking Way Tattooed On My Chest’