28 Times People Got A Taste Of Karma Of Their Deeds

Living in today’s society, along with its perks, implies following some set of rules.  While a large fraction of the world’s populace follows these rules, a few blatantly disregard them as if they don’t matter. Interestingly, justice appears to shine in the most unexpected way possible. At a point or the other, people who had disregarded these rules or perhaps made dumb choices are getting their comeuppance in the most satisfying ways.

There’s a lady called Karma, and it’s putting evildoers in their rightful place. A big thanks to the Instant Karma subreddit page; we’ve been given hilarious examples of how Karma dealt with people. From someone trying to siphon fuel but ended up sucking s**t from sewage tank to guy sitting on the legs of a kid who refuses to move, we’ve compiled a few hilarious ones for a good laugh-out-loud. The universe does work in mysterious ways; hence always watch your back.

“Got what he deserved.”

Zbiu_YT -Via

“I love karma.”

About137Ninjas -Via

That is why you should never be jerks to strangers.

BehindBlueLine -Via

“RIP him.”

uhhsamurai -Via


“Mayor dishes out karma on litterer.”

Jontolo -Via

“Goddamn hypocrites.”

Ready20000 -Via

“Got what they deserved.”

Amygdala5822 -Via

“Revenge at its finest.”

_skrt_skrt_ -Via

“Amazing. Impeccable.”

tinyzenji -Via

Do not slap a lady.

AleyFarooq_ -Via

“Reverse brick.”

gabedavis46 -Via

“Bye bye.”


“Just play defense.”

Smoothwhisp -Via

“Got what was coming.”

Blazingfire17 -Via

“One plate of karma coming up.”

reddit -Via

Same day delivery.

washingtonpost -Via

“Snowman 1, Driver 0.”

Vlancing -Via

“Respect your mother.”

dobbyisafreepup -Via

Do YOU make $900k a year?

BleacherReport -Via

“Just mad, I tell you.”


“Kid refuses to move his legs, guy sits on them instead.”

Supraman18 -Via

Mugshots for mugshots.

studentactivism -Via

“This subreddit never said bad or good karma!”

medallionstallion -Via


rromero26 -Via

“Goodbye, monster.” (Father’s information was never disclosed. This is the sheriff in charge)

howiemandealt -Via

“Hit and run driver forgot something.”

Royal__Tenenbaum -Via