22 Hilarious Times People Failed At The One Job They Had

Failure can conjure up feelings of anger, sadness, and even a low sense of self-value. It’s a hard pill to swallow when someone says you aren’t good at what you do. But then, learning to accept failure is part of personal growth, and it’s indeed a phase we all must come to accept as part of life. Many failure situations tend to happen in life and at work, as no one is immune to failure. You must have failed at your job, especially when you just started with new things. 

Well, it's part of the definition of a sense of duty, and a big thanks to the You Had One Job subreddit. We’ve been granted endless examples of occupation-related hilarity. Be it a job done by a human or a machine, the community of over 421K members have proved there are millions of ways to screw it up. Smartphones have captured these moments, and our compilation might undeniably make you want to scream, ‘You had one job! If you belong to the perfectionist world, you might find these scenarios disturbing, but then brace up your mind. Enjoy!

It's Now Glaring That Mermaids Have Butts

PieCreeper -Via

Wear A Mask And Use Hand Fertilizer

FurryAndWeird -Via

Practice Socialist Dancing

Fatbender11315 -Via

One Space Is All That’s Needed

MGSBlackHawk -Via

Manufacturer Has It That it’s Good To This Day

cope413 -Via

Here’s An Infuriating Installed Sink

coolkidtty -Via

The Pot-Of-Cum Tagline

Cameron13o3 -Via

This Is An Avocado And Not Mango

Kazzook -Via

The Labelling On This Package

tuokcalbmai -Via

A City Got Decorated With Christmas D***

PaleoGamer -Via

No Chew Deterrent Product Goes Wrong

CandySunset27 -Via

This Is a Visible Confusion

SmugHatKid12 -Via

Finally, The Clan’s Real Age Is Figured Out

OkPreference6 -Via

It Was Almost Fine Until….

ShrektheGodabove -Via

An Elmo Was Born With Eyes On The Back Of His Head

Newbo91 -Via

It’s Literally This Person’s Last Job

SpenceBro -Via

Confusion With Pregnancy Test Kit

ShrektheGodabove -Via

Is There Any Epic Error Here?

Otakawai -Via

If You Feel Unsafe And Need Help…

nimernith -Via

Safety Before Anything Else

shiglod1 -Via

No Wonder There Was A Struggle With The Landscape Scene

ItsyBitsyStumblebum -Via

Is This How Spirals Work?

real_dubblebrick -Via