Artist’s 30 Funny Comics With Unexpected Dark Endings

Ever heard of the webcomic series: Nerd and Jock? Marko Raassina of Finland is the brain behind the series described above, and it’s hinged on two friends having a good time together despite their different interests and views on life. Marko’s mind's awkward thinking makes everything he illustrates appear hilarious, and indeed, his over 200K followers on Instagram prove that. Illustrating comics on pop-culture, Marko gives his original ideas a slice of twist. 

Marko is the author of numerous popular series, including My Girlfriend is an Orc Warlord on Webtoon. He’s known for his award-winning comic book, Kalevala, based on a Finnish national epic of his homeland's same name. Using a four-panel style, Marko’s comics are colorful, contain a great sense of humor, and quite an amount of texts for an interesting read. Want to lighten up your mood? We’ve compiled his newest, and they’re guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Have a look! 

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