26 Crazy Things People Did For Social Media Attention

People tend to partake in extreme stunts to promote their brand. Others do it to build media status, hype their courage, and importantly for the Attention. From acting plain idiotic to bad stuff, people are pushing the limits to draw attention to themselves. And instead of garnering fame, they’ve continually made themselves a laughing subject matter. Many people, especially extroverted beings, want to be loved and be in the spotlight. 

But unluckily, a large fraction of this humankind who are willing to go any length for both adoration and attention have landed themselves in chaos. Proving that common sense, including morals and decency, is quite rare, such individuals have ended up on the list of some subreddits, and undeniably, you can’t just get enough. We’ve compiled 25 of the awful ones for your perusal, and they’ll, of course, leave you thinking. Have a look!

Dude Flexed His Louis Vuitton Bag On Auschwitz Train Tracks

antievrbdy999 -Via

“Gotta get that funeral shot for the gram.”

Reddit -Via

Instagrammers Are Ruining California’s Super Bloom

Snaps_UK -Via

The Borrowed Tattoo For Tinder Photo

luantoledo12 -Via

The Funeral Photoshoot For The Gram

AngryItalian -Via

Dude Dumped Tub Of Cereal On The Subway For The TikTok Attention

_jungshook_ -Via

In Yosemite, This Guy Spray Painting Rocks

BulliesRPeople2 -Via

Cute Girl, Cute Caption, But This Looks Disturbing

PippyJr -Via

Farmer’s Beautiful Flower Field Got Crushed By Tourist

vinnaznable -Via

Death Of A Dolphin For The Selfies

RyanOhNoPleaseStop -Via

‘These Kids Were Not Interested In Making The Saving African Kids’ Pose For Instagram'

leodavinci11 -Via

Social media platforms, importantly, TikTok and Instagram, have remained a contributing factor to people’s urge for attention. People do stupid stuff, lie about their personality and status -all for followers, and even additional incentives. But a big thanks to the Just for Social Media Reddit community of over 97K followers, we can hence poke fun at people who would do weird things for 15minutes of fame. 

Going Hiking? This Is A Backyard

(deleted) -Via

Social Media Influencers At It Again

Maira212 -Via

YouTubers Eating Glass, Rocks And Even Deodorant

thinkB4WeSpeak/ -Via

Taking A Meal Out To Getting The Right Photo For Instagram Likes

[deleted] -Via

German Shepherd Cries As He’s Forced To Eat Chili In Social Media Trend

saaandyyyyyy -Via

Men Sexually Assaulted For TikTok Views & Likes

BlackKleenexBox -Via

The Cut Of A Child’s Hair & Making Him Cry For A TikTok Prank

ImThatMelanin -Via

Parents In China Pull Their Kids On Edge Of Hill For Photos

Acrzyguy -Via

This Is Clear Exploitation!

Russian Model Risked Her Life For The Perfect Instagram Pic

Moe1975 -Via

As It Appears, An Industrial Car Wash Now Hurts Human Flesh

six-winged-many-eyed -Via

Mom Thinks Spraying Daughter In The Face Is Hilarious And Did It More Than Once Per The Caption

whitecollarpizzaman -Via

Woman Pretends To Board Up Windows Using A Worker’s Drill For A Photo Then Drove Off In Mercedes

Sprinklys -Via

Woman Harassed A Taxi Driver Who Was Doing His Job

Bloodphoenix26 -Via

Girl Makes TikTok Videos Of Her Forcibly Hugging, Touching, Or Trapping Korean Men. This Is Not A-Okay Behavior, And The Men In The Videos Are Uncomfortable

kimmismitten -Via