16 Quirky Illustrations About Friends And Love Life By Gabriel Picolo

'Teen Titans' is a comic series written by author Kami Garcia and illustrated by Gabriel Picolo. They have been working together to bring the series to life and most recently released 'Teen Titans: Beast Boy.' Their latest comic revolves around 17-year-old Garfield Logan from the small town of Eden, Georgia, who seeks fame and acceptance in his high school, but realizing that there might be a higher price to pay than he expected.

Quirky and unique but very much Picolo-esque, he has the talent that has been polished over years of drawing and practice. The Brazilian comic artist has started drawing since he was a kid, but it wasn't until later did he dive deeper into the illustrating world. Speaking to Nerdist, Picolo said, “But then I came back to it when I was in high school because I was starting to follow manga, cartoons, and comics. I loved those stories! I wanted to create something like that—to create the same excitement I was feeling when I read and watched those characters.”

He took International Relations because he wasn't sure he'd be able to find a career as an illustrator in Brazil. "It’s better now, but it used to be even worse," he recalled. But as his love for manga and, later, comics deepen, he dropped his college course in 2013 and started a 365-day challenge. Then he sent 10 emails to DC before he was finally accepted, and here he is!

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Beast boy’s camera roll

A break up story

“Robin why won’t you pick up your phone?”

House party at titans tower

Rewatching Digimon

She helps him study for finals

Indiegogo campaign for Icarus

Icarus and the Sun

“No need to worry about me”

She’s turning him into a goth

Busy boyfriend

the game room