30 Epic Interior Designs That Are Hilariously Wrong

Captivating designs and their images can naturally make one’s brand an impression. The worst can make people remember your organization for all of its wrong reasons. Besides, the saying practice makes perfect is quite a famous saying among many interior designers, but a few have proved the opposite. A big thanks to photos of awful interior designs, people are beginning to realize that common sense can equally be quite rare in the designing world. Ever entered a home and felt something was off? 

Furniture can be attractive, but if all required interior space isn’t correctly styled, it can evoke the face-palm factor. The presence of strong design missteps can be both depressing and problematic; hence it’s best to always stick with pleasing designs while balancing between form and function. If you look at these photos, you will undoubtedly marvel at how these designers got their degree or perhaps certifications. We’ve compiled 30 interior design fails, and they’re guaranteed to make you laugh hard. Enjoy it!

Imagine The Scrubber You’ll Need To Clean Or Wash This

IdahoePotatoe -Via

This Toilet Can Likely Fall You Down Or Roll Your Ankle

I_am_lazy_15 -Via

Bathroom Has A Carpet That Goes Up The Bathtub Walls. Can You Spot The Awful Wallpaper Too?

jbird2525 -Via

‘Found This Master Suite In An Otherwise Normal House. This Is My Kind Of Nightmare’

whyangelinawhy -Via

This Shower Is Designed To Be As Hard To Stand In

Djuna Ivereigh -Via

‘Today, My Mom Hit Her Toe With This And Was Bleeding. I Hate This Kitchen So Much’

reemathenerd2 -Via

Imagine A Drunk Person Peeing In This Toilet

The Yin Yang Couple Bath Tub Looks Like Being Married For 10+ Years

trautwein -Via

The Unrequired Single Square Inch Of A Carpet With Lining

fourskincheeze -Via

Isn't This Crown Molding Overdone?

buckleybuilds -Via

One rule of designing is to keep things simple. Simple yet classic designs are easily understood, visual, and undeniably practical. But then, quite a fraction of interior designers have thrown into trash cans the rulebook of designing a space, and now, bad home interior designs are gradually becoming a thing. Beautiful designs have to be creative, useful, and self-explanatory, but once space is over-designed, it can instantly create confusion of both forms and colors. 

The Pinkish Kitchen Style

DrFetusRN -Via

Both The Sink And Microwave Space Is Shocking

aprilcotz -Via

‘My Uncle’s House Got A Bathroom Without A Door, The First Thing You See When Enter The House’

muurilin -Via

The Steps You Can Hardly See

Paarnahkrin -Via

This Kitchen Is Designed By A Sofa Maker

At Least You Don’t Have To Stretch To Get A Toilet Paper

henryfranks -Via

All That’s Required Is A Soda Fountain And A Jukebox

Czechs_out -Via

Here’s An Under-The-Stairs Bathroom. The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into A Carpeted Wall

dbqbbq -Via

And Up The Drain, The Water Goes, Right?

Winsthorne -Via

There’s A Wood Separating The Hallway In Half. Is It Necessary?

a-random-pasta -Via

Planet Earth will a boring place if everything in it appears pleasant and sophisticated. Bad interior designs tend to grab people's attention naturally, and so far, it’s become a subject for laughter and fun. Nonetheless, upcoming or amateur designers should learn to do away with unnecessary things, especially as outstanding requires a great sense of creativity and tiny details.

The Fridge Fits Like A Boss

waconcept -Via

Friend Finished A Kitchen Remodel And Here Is It

SirCadwaladr -Via

Shower Has Blinds Instead Of Curtains

TrixoftheTrade -Via

The Stairs That Leads To A Bedroom Loft

zillow -Via

Hand Washing Sink Looks Creepy At First Glance

Imagine The Outcome When This House Shakes Up

Pashunder -Via

The Middle Class! The Lower Class Fridge

AcousticHigh -Via

This Is A Doorway And Not A Mirror

daekaz -Via

Here’s The Almighty Toilet For Kings And Queens

How Do We Go About With These Stairs?

IsItKandar -Via