18 People Who Are Hilariously Unlucky Than The Year 2020

There are some things in life that we can't do about. And when they decided to roll in a way that causes us misfortune, we can only attribute them to bad luck for us. You never know where you'll end up at what time, just that we all know the chances of a piano falling on our head is slimmer than us from getting involved in a car accident, something we can more actively do about.

Well, guess what, maybe these people didn't have piano falling on their head (they'd be dead if that happened anyway) but to have your cabinet fall on your freshly installed, glass-top stove? Or to watch your elderly dad burn through his laptop for the second time because he likes having candles set right behind it when he uses it?

Yeah, life has such funny ways to let you earn internet points. Even when you're unlucky, if you're quick-witted enough to snap or film a video of them, at least... the internet will mourn with you. You're even helping people feel better when they see there are those having it even worse than them right now!

“When your cabinet decides it’s time to break lose and come crashing down the day you install your brand new glass top stove.”

thorisadog -Via

Most of these posts can be found in the subreddit ‘Well, That Sucks.’ As the name suggests, it’s for people who had to share their most sorry state in life. The comment sections are generally nice enough to offer solutions or just words of encouragement. Sometimes, people can’t stop themselves from cracking puns and jokes, though.


beardsnflannels -Via

“My dad says, “Google is doing this stupid thing where the blur the top left part of the results. Facebook is doing it too actually.” He melted the top left corner of his screen.”

unidentifies -Via

“My neighbors had a party last night. That’s my trampoline.”

HalfWaySlick -Via

“Something went wrong with the line painting.”

vickiintn -Via

“Saw my dude with car paint on his face, I’m a plumber. I raise you a fermented human waste and grease trap slurry!”

Coldpartofthepillow -Via

“Guys… My flight from Nashville just took off and some monster took off their shoes and put their stinky feet on my armrest!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?”

4lisaguerrero -Via

“Friendly reminder: Secure your load.”


“All of the paint needed for a condominium complex.”

Antscannabis -Via

“My custom made Lego R.M.S Titanic that I spent a month working on just slipped out of my hands…”

JoellieYT -Via

Did you know that Frane Selak from Croatia is so unlucky that his name was made famous? He survived a side-tracked train that killed 17 people in 1962, got blown off by a malfunctioning plane door and landed on a haystack when the plane crashed and killed 19 people in 1963, a sinking bus, car caught on fire twice, struck by a bus, and avoided a collision with a UN bus in 1996.

Well, he also won a lottery in 2003 at the age of 73 and he was on his fifth marriage.

“Bad place to lose your dentures…”

Zorinthe -Via

“My sister’s nails for a wedding.”

escargoxpress -Via

“Today, a spider crawled inside my 55-inch flat screen TV and died.”

browncoat47 -Via

“I WAS enjoying a relaxing bath when my shower door decided to fall off. Not in inch of safe floor left to put my bare feet on.”

AsBlueAsTheOcean -Via

“I bought and wore different shoes for over a month…”

RunningForrests -Via

“I dislocated my jaw… while eating cereal.”

itsskylaraiden -Via

While some people think he is unlucky, you can also look at him from a different viewpoint: he survived all those incidents and is still living a ripe life. He’s now 91 and had even won a lottery, which he used to buy two houses, a boat, and later donated the rest at the age of 2010 to his family and friends.

“My dog ate $120 off of my night stand. It was supposed to go towards bills but I doubt the bank will accept it now…”

bepuetz -Via

“My friend accidentally threw his keys on the ceiling.”

SuperKilju -Via