Parents Show Ways To Tell They Have Kids Without Saying Anything, And It’s Hilarious

Children bring out the most nuanced parenting humor! Having kids is adorable, and it can undeniably be hilarious at the same time. It doesn’t matter if your kids are all girls or boys; escaping parenting ups and downs is inevitable. Is there anything much better than walking early in the morning because your kids are poking you in the eye? Or is there anything better than having half-full water bottles around the house? You certainly might want to get infuriated with the abovementioned, but then parenting has proven it has a humorous side that can’t be missed. 

You’ll agree that your kids are the main reason as to why you carry around a big bag, the reason for sleepless nights that can’t ever be counted, but they equally are the reasons why you strive to become healthier and a better person. Besides, can you tell if parents have kids without saying anything? It turned out a new thread recently launched on TikTok, and parents, particularly moms, share the things that make it glaring they have kids. We’ve compiled the best ones so far, and they’re, of course, hilariously accurate.

TikTok user @Mommacusses started the thread with a caption that reads: ‘What makes it clear you’re a parent just by looks? In a now-viral clip, you can instantly know she does have kids as her house decorations are far less breakable from the third to the down section of her shelf

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Half fruits in a home with kids is inevitable. Every mom knows this, and user @Piercehan isn’t exempted either. There are little bite marks in half of the fruit that can be found in her home

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Children are naturally messy, and it’s quite glaring that user @shelbylehmkuhl have such kids. This horrifying mess is adequate proof. You can’t but imagine how she felt on stumbling upon this scenario

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‘Babies can be the biggest food stealer’ is the description of user @livbarkerr’s in response to the viral trend. The mom has continuously been sneaking her food, and that’s one unexpected possible outcome of having kids

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Babies can be the biggest food stealer

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Perfectionists and kids are from two different universes. A perfectionist mom can tell how infuriating its gets when her kids mess up the house after tedious cleanup and arrangement. For user @der_braunapirat, her home explains the mentioned above

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In a straightforward scenario, it only takes one close look at all the water bottles around a house to know if they have kids or not. User @Mrsjabbs07 has half-full water bottles filled around her home; hence she’s a parent for sure

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User @Bankingonthebanks is a parent. Apart from her glaring tiring looks and not-properly packed hairstyle, the constant spit-up on her shirt is an overall sign

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For User @Msmerilinj, her carrying-around bag is regularly filled with fruit and kids snacks. All she needs to do is pull a few things out of her purse, and you can tell she’s a momma. ‘Survival kit when going out of the home.’ Her description reads

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Kit di sopravvivenza quando si va fuori da casa con la bimba.

You can tell user @awassyew is a parent by the absence of cash in her wallet. Coins can be slightly found, but cash is quite impossible. Having kids means spending more than the budgeted

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When you spot a bookshelf filled with games and plushies, it’s a sign that kids are around. User @silmiyauk is a mom, and here’s her bookshelf

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yep, you will know it when you see it

Twisting the thread, user @staceybee74 put on fake boobs to represent boobs changes majorly experienced post-pregnancy. Her clip is quite honest, and indeed it can be found relatable. Her caption reads: ‘They fell after nursing two babies many years ago and never got back up’

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#stitch with @mommacusses does this tell ya ? They fell after nursing two babies many years ago and never got back up! #kids #dropped #foryou

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User @Kellyann1964 equally responded to staceybee74 post-pregnancy reality and fully represented mom across the world. ‘Without telling me #saggy #boobie #crazycanadianstoners’ Kellyann1964 caption reads. Are you in solidarity with post-baby boobs?

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WITHOUT TELLING ME #crazycanadian #saggy #boobie #crazycanadianstoners

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A look at the inside of user @kristenmarie1231 car tell she does have kids that can be messy. As it appears, the car indeed said it all!

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I mean really this car says it all!!

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